Interview: Ken Vejby

The fans of Third Eye Blind are more than just concert goers. They speak up and support views that make this world a better place for all of us to reside in. August brings us to a bolder and deeper perspective with our #fanfridays. Find out what Stephan said to Ken that "shook" him and drove him to do more to make a difference...

Interview: Jon Ault

Third Eye Blind fans have much to be grateful for these days. We have a band that is currently writing songs, doing the music festival circuit and staying super active on socials such as Twitter, and Instagram. This week's expert Jon, connected with us on IG to give us a heads up that his new ink piece had everything to do about the blind.

Horror Show: If I Spoke In Words of Only Hate

“So much of that first record for me just came out of always feeling so on the outside, being a misfit, and it really took me years to realize that I was the inside, I was the scene. I realized that wasn’t necessary at all. There’s only feeling whole within your self, there’s really no exterior place of belonging, that’s it.” -Stephan Jenkins

Interview: CeCe Lee

Music and 3EB has always been and will always be ‘deeper than bones’ for me. This is not a just a band, they have been company, therapy and solace throughout life's good and bad times and everything in between.  They’re truly a lifestyle and I wouldn't be me without them!