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1000 Julys: Recap of July 2017

1000 Julys: Recap of July 2017

How we living, young American
I guess I've always known
I'd be on my own, I'd be on my own
And I don't know why, I don't know why, I don't know why
A thousand Julys
I know you'll find I'd say the words, but no words come to mind

The Summer Gods Tour was more than just a tour for the band.

For many of us fans, we toured the country, too, show hopping and falling in love.

We loved the band.

We loved the songs. We loved the merch (and even networked to get the most coveted items before they could sell out, again). And we loved each other.

The Summer Gods Tour showed so many of us what a beautiful community we have within the Third Eye Blind fan base. So many new friendships were forged, and many old ones became that much deeper. This summer, I had the pleasure of meeting expert Lauren Sebastian. The following is a reflection from Lauren on the Summer Gods Tour, inspired by lyrics from 1000 Julys, and I have to say - she nailed it. 

Courtesy of Third Eye Blind, Summer Gods Indy 7.9.2017

How we living, young Americans I guess I've always known I'd be on my own, I'd be on my own And I don't know why, I don't know why, I don’t know why A thousand July's I know you'll find I'd say the words, but no words come to mind

This song to me is summer and bad behavior. It is clearly an anthem for July, but for me it will now be a song for July 2017 specifically. It was bright and beautiful and so loud. Full of happiness and reckless abandon and last minute decisions, not all of them wise. Very impulsive, very fast. A lot of luck and good timing, a lot of subterfuge. Something we let ourselves get lost in that came to an end too soon. I'd like to find a thousand more just like it.

Courtesy of Third Eye Blind, Summer Gods Houston 7.13.2017

Here's what July 2017 was like..

  • Finding yourself in moments that are so special that you pause and tell yourself to take this in and remember it.
  • Finding yourself in moments you will definitely never remember outside of the blurry iPhone photo's that somehow made it onto your phone.
  • Trusting people you don't know solely because they love the same band as you and because this logic has never let you down before.
  • Those people you didn't know becoming lifelong friends.
  • Laughing so much you're seriously concerned you’re going to pee your pants right there on the rails for the band to see which is extremely embarrassing and should never happen.
  • Flying to places you've never been.
  • Getting lost. A lot.
  • Almost getting kidnapped because you needed a photo of that stupid third eye blind promo billboard.
  • Almost throwing up in your uber ride which would have been totally disrespectful.
  • Unnecessary bruising from rails and sitting in places that were rather un-sittable.
  • Literally being miserable in line because it was hot as balls every show and you got mad at the band because you were willing to do that for them but, I mean, it is what it is.
  • Also, horrible tan lines.
  • Shitting your pants as 'losing a whole year' started. 8 shows in a row.
  • Getting locked inside the venue after you've been at the after show which is one of the greater problems you've encountered in life.
  • Drinking forbidden drinks out of a juice bottle while making casual convo with the security officers.
  • Getting into venues early because all security officers need are compliments and snacks (common knowledge).
  • Finally getting to hear your favorite song and feeling your heart beating out of it's chest as SJ was introducing it because you realized it was actually happening.
  • Seriously - you don't even understand how important that was.
  • Driving with the windows down with your faves turned up annoyingly loud, but you like to yell the lyrics so you gotta do it.
  • And, if I learned anything this summer, it is that dashboard drumming and air guitaring are extremely dangerous in New York traffic.
  • Flipping people off while driving cause you gotta make it to that Third Eye Blind show, man.
  • That giddy, childlike feeling you get when the show is about to begin. And how it never goes away.
  • Living completely in the moment on the rails at every show, wishing the setlist would go on forever.
  • Glancing over at your friends to see the looks on their faces during their favorite songs.
  • Having the setlist memorized yet still acting like you just won the lotto when your favorite song starts, which is something even I don't understand. Love is confusing.
  • Trying to not look directly at Stephan Jenkins for too long because he's too beautiful and you're now a professional and know what happens and don't have the time for that shit (Avoiding Heartbreak 101).
  • Those drumsticks, picks, and setlists that are holy items.
  • Forgetting everything going on in your life at home during these trips because your happiness level is at 100% and nothing in the world could bring you down.
  • Hugging the love of your life, A.K.A. Kryz Reid, 7 times within a 15 minute time period and accidentally saying out loud the L-word because you have to take chances as they appear and sometimes your feels just voice themselves and you have no control (This is not an apology. This will happen again).
  • Never wanting those nights to end.
  • Didn't it feel like we all were collectively on top of the world this summer?
  • Guys, this July we LIVED. Though some of us almost died.

I had the time of my life with you.

Lauren is currently on the road for the tonight’s show in Grand Rapids. She’ll also be attending shows in Wisconsin Dells (Sunday), Clive (Monday), OKC on Halloween, Denver (11/4) and Chicago (12/1).

Lauren, I hope your Fall tour is another one for the books! Good luck catching Can’t Get Away live. I miss you dearly. Since we won’t be at any shows together, have a drink for me and rock out just a little harder. Mad.Blind.Love. to you, girl. Hug the experts for me and I’ll see you in 2018! -Lizette-

Cop vs Brittney The New Phone Girl

Cop vs Brittney The New Phone Girl

Interview: Lauren Sebastian

Interview: Lauren Sebastian

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