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Because That's Where I Belong.

Because That's Where I Belong.

Andrew Bleakley
With you all.. for I have never fit in until then.
This band has been apart of me for as long as i can remember.
— Andrew Bleakley

Let’s go back to the days when Third Eye Blind first crossed my ears. I was in middle school. I was always the outcast. You know the bullied ones. I had very few friends growing up. I was in band, learning the trumpet since I was not allowed drums.  

We had a substitute bus driver, who luckily that day didn’t put on the country station like the regular driver.  My friend and I were sitting by each other on the bus talking about this new band he likes. It wasn’t even five minutes later and “Semi Charmed Life” comes on the radio.  My friend, I wanna say his name is Chris, starts screaming, “This is it! This is the band I was telling you about”. We both started jamming out listening to the song and I immediately was hooked. 

I felt like a rebel,  my family mostly raised me on country music, some classic rock but this, oh man what are they going to think about this selection.  I didn’t care I was drawn to their music. At a young age, it was more the music and feeling of the music more so then the lyrics. I didn’t quite get them then….So this band was concreted into my life, and I have been listening to them ever since. 

Third Eye Blind is what inspired me to pursue music. Now I play drums and guitar, oh yea and trumpet.  The very first full song i learned was Never Let You Go.  So now that I’ve grown up, I’ve had life happen. I found Stephan’s lyrics just amazing. I connected with them now that i understand them at a deep level.  My parents by now must think I’m nuts! They have dealt with me constantly playing the albums over and over and over again.  They are like “don’t you listen to anything else?”  and my answer to that is , “there is no need to listen to anything else. Third Eye Blind had all I need in music.”  So years go by with one thing missing, one important thing .  All those years and I haven’t seen them live! What’s wrong with me, right? When they come to town, something always comes up that interfered with me going.  But, I didn’t give up!  

Fast forward to 2015 tour with Dashboard Confessional.. My opportunity came to finally accomplish one of my biggest dreams see them live.  I asked for time off work, ordered two tickets, invited one for my bros (who I got into Third Eye Blind somewhat) and was set to go.  

Andrew Bleakley

Two days before concert, life happened again.. I couldn’t go again, (sigh).  I was part of the Third Eye Blind Misfits page so I created a post about these two tickets that I had available.  I get a heartfelt message from a fellow misfit explaining how her husband was just out of the hospital and what would be the best price i could give them.  I replied letting her know that the price would be for them to enjoy the show for me, No money involved.

I was recently through a sour divorce at this point in my life so Third Eye Blind was pretty much a constant all day everyday. I was happy I was able pass the tickets forward but I was pretty devastated that I missed yet another opportunity.

So surprise, they are going to be Flagstaff, AZ.  April 4 , 2016, Dopamine tour. 
I ordered tickets and was dead set on going, this time nothing was going to stop me.

My little brother and I made it!! I waited in line for 2-3 hrs so we could get the front since the show was all general admission and it was recommended from a fellow misfit.  I met some great people standing in line.  We were first in line other than vips and it was nice to know there were fellow fans who lived the Third Eye Blind lifestyle.

Where does my inspiration come from you might ask?  Well if you have ever been to a Third Eye Blind concert you know the energy and presence at the show!! 

Everyone was in it. Every song, we knew all the words, we sang together.  Rocked out together. That feeling can’t be replaced!! That fueled me with even more inspiration. Because, That’s where I belong!!  With you all.. for I have never fit in till then.

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