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The Story of My First Third Eye Blind  Show: The Fillmore. Charlotte, NC

The Story of My First Third Eye Blind Show: The Fillmore. Charlotte, NC

Tiffany Curry

“The stars they shine in an empty void...Life is not to fear life is to enjoy”

Flashback to when I was 24 on November 21st 2013, the day my life forever changed. To understand it fully you must first understand that prior to this event, Third Eye Blind’s music played a gigantic essential role in my life. I literally went a whole year plus more without changing all their CDs in my car. They were all I ever listened to.

Sun up to sun down. I knew all the songs & all the lyrics with or without the music. Every song could easily be related to my life at some point in time (past, present & I assume future). I must of drove hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles just smiling, crying and most of the time scream singing those words to all the songs that are so deeply etched into my heart. 

You must also understand that growing up, I never went to any concerts/shows. I always assumed shows were for people who had tons and tons of money (thanks mom). So now here it was towards the end of summer, the dread of winter approaching. I’m driving down the road and bam, semi-charmed life comes onto the stereo. Now usually I don’t even listen to the radio stations and only listen to CDs of the “boys”, but this day was different. After the song went off they had a pretty big announcement. Now imagine the look on my face when I heard the words that Third Eye Blind would be playing at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC for only around $25 bucks a ticket. General admission too! I was to say the least way more than ecstatic. I thought I was literally dreaming. 

So I spent the next few months preparing for my first real show. I bought two tickets. One for me of course and the other for a dear friend whom I introduced the boys to. Months went by (seemed like years) of playing out in my head how it would all go. For those of you who don’t know what general admission means, it basically is the best of the best. To me anyways. The first people in line get the best shot of getting right up on the rails. However being it was my first show and all, I under estimated the time I should of arrived at the venue. So we got there way late. Not as in missed-the-show late, but more like missed-the-chance at rails late. It was a bummer. However I wasn’t going to let that ruin my night.

“Be a dream in color even on a winter’s night”

So we are standing in line outside. It’s the middle of November, might as well say winter time so it’s pretty chilly out especially when the sun goes down. Wind seemed to be blowing everywhere. My body shivering.  My nerves are bouncing all over the place. However despite the chill, I was sweating and secretly my mind was screaming on the inside. I could see the tour bus from where we were standing. I could also see the band members walk in and out of the venues side door. My heart sinking every single time. It all felt like a blur to me honestly. I had waited for this night for months! Nothing about it felt real to me. Time passes and the line starts moving. They take my ticket and scan it. Inside we go. I remember rushing to get as close as possible, yet we ended up maybe around 8 to 10 rows back. Not a bad spot at all, but it wasn’t as close as I had imagined in my mind all those months prior. I kicked myself for not realizing to be there sooner.

“I go crazy when you walk in the room”

 If I’m being 100% honest, I don’t even remember the opening band hardly that night, and at this moment I can’t even tell you their name. However I do remember the brief moments before the boys came on. It literally felt like hours to me. My heart was exploding. The diming of the lights. The foggers clouding up the stage. The huge LED light backdrop banner that spelled out the band’s name. The whispering and chattering from the other guests in the venue. The smell of alcohol, smoke and sweat all mixed in one. The mixed emotions of wanting it to start but at the same time not wanting it to just for the simple fact I didn’t ever want it to end. Then the music hits. They all start walking out one by one. It’s dark but light enough to see the shadow outline of each band member. Then suddenly Mr. Jenkins comes out and reaches up toward the ceiling and a microphone drops slowly into his palm.

“Float by the crowd that scatters, I found my people and nothing else matters”

My heart was racing! It was the best feeling ever. A ton of mixed emotions. However one thing I can remain certain about and that made it the best experience ever for me was when the music started playing. Although there were nearly 2000 people in the room, it felt like I was the only one there. It was like the crowd suddenly faded one by one, and I was left in the middle of the floor experiencing the best night of my life. It felt like they were playing just for me. Suddenly everything fell into place and I knew I was where I belonged. I spent the entire show screaming out all the lyrics. I even almost peed my pants from excitement and jumping up and down. By the end of the set, they had left the stage and since I had never experienced a show before I had no idea there would be an encore. There was and it was the most amazing thing ever. They came back out and I do believe they played narcolepsy, one of my top favorites. The ending though was completely unforgettable. They finished off with God of Wine and my heart felt like it literally melted. I ugly cried the entire time. It was so beautiful and so raw. I had never experienced so much love and sadness all in one. 

Courtesy: Tiffany Curry

I replay these memories from my first night in my head over and over. It was a major blessing to be able to experience such beauty and never would I have thought that four years later I would have seen them multiple times. It’s the highlight of my life now. I live to be at the shows. To chase that same high I was first given… and it’s delivered every single time and then some. 

It’s been a pleasure guys, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tiffany Curry

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