He is my Brother, He is the Leader of the Band, He is Made of Lions

He is my Brother, He is the Leader of the Band, He is Made of Lions


These are the words Stephan Jenkins has used throughout the Summer Gods Tour, to introduce Brad Hargreaves.  

I have just returned back to my home in Los Angeles, and these words are echoing in my head and in my heart as I start to share my tribute to Brad.  

Until about a week ago I did not have a photo of Just Brad, although I have been on this journey with Third Eye Blind for 20 years.  

Last Wednesday in Hermosa Beach, after the Jimmy Miller Foundation Charity Event, I was able to Hug the Drummer, the one that is Made of Lions.

Born In Shadow


On September 27, 2016,  @3EBLifestyle was Born.  I had started a Twitter account on Stephan Jenkins' birthday to send him a message from a few of us on Facebook. To my surprise Stephan decided to hit the follow back button, one of the first times my heart flatlined on this Weightless journey.  For those of you who know me or have read my articles, know that I am BIG on signs.

Stephan following this account making it his 57th Following was a very big sign especially since it only had 2 followers and 20 following.  Somehow the Company of Strangers new release was bringing me into something more. At this moment I had no idea, but in the Facebook community Stephan following this twitter was a VERY big deal.

Made of Lions

On January 7, I was having a conversation with one of my girlfriends who was a bit concerned for me because for the last four months I had been on the computer for about 10 hours a day diving into the world of Third Eye Blind.  I felt the need to share with her a bit about the 3eblifestyle.com, the motivation behind the vision and tried to convince her I was not losing my mind, or a whole year.  I believed in something, and she felt that.

I will never forget the words that she spoke, "Mama, I have a feeling the band is going to contact you in the next week, don't give up." With me I have to share the details, because it’s fascinating how the universe aligns.  That was a Saturday night, I closed my laptop and went to sleep.  At around 7:45am, that notification ring on the twitter starts going off on my phone, waking me up, but this time it was different. It was not a retweet or a Like, it was a message. A message from Brad.  

Courtesy: Brad Hargreaves

I could understand if my girlfriend knew them, had an in with them, making a call to them, but she didn't even know the song, Jumper. Was this God's sick joke, He always has a way of making me trip out but this was beyond. Brad was giving me a compliment, saying I had great photo skills. He also asked who I was.  I was so hesitant about revealing my identity, as I didn't want to be labeled as a "love knife" or a crazy fan who just sat in front of the computer doing countdowns and art for the hell of it.  My motivation has always been about my late husband, since spending time with Third Eye Blind, the fans and their music has always given me a sense of peace.   Brad continued to send me messages and I had to really try to type correctly when responding, which is difficult to do when you are excited.  He had followed the account days prior, so this was already the 100th time I flat lined.  I took the chance and revealed my name.  This would be my first encounter with Brad.

And this would be the image that caught his attention. The girl in the photo reminded me of myself, and this photo was created using a program called PhotoFunia.com

My dad had showed me a long time ago when he was explaining branding to me, when I was first starting my production company.  Shout out to my dad, Louis, for being a master at Graphic Design.  Brad saw something in this photo that he needed.  He was in search for a High Rez photo of Self Titled.

In my world, and the way I was raised, we make things happen!  There is no such thing as, "I can't, I will try, maybe" - had I ever used those excuses with my dad, I would be getting a lecture on how that is not an acceptable answer.  

Point is - You figure it out. And that was the voice I heard that morning. You figure it out! And that is what I did.  All the research I had been doing months prior paid off, cause sitting right next to me was the number to  Christine Alicino, the photographer of Self Titled Album.

She had been on my list to call to interview for the tribute. So I quickly called her up and had an awesome conversation with her, and we made it happen on a rush.  Brad was grateful, and through a computer I was able to feel his heart for his band and the love for the fans.  

Loud As Fuck

Since January, the messages that I would often find in the twitter inbox, would provide me with the push I needed to keep going with 3EBlifestyle.com

You might ask, why?  I have been up against so much in order to make things run each day, on time, with a certain frequency to keep the blind alive.  Working remotely with 53 experts plus others, writing my own stories which is not an easy task, and explaining how Third Eye Blind is the Soundtrack to Our Lives, has required a certain level of tenacity. I would find encouragement, motivation simply by checking those twitter messages from Just Brad.  Short, sweet and to the point his words is what has kept 3EB Lifestyle alive.  

This is a gentleman, a man with integrity, who adores his family, his wife, his son. He is a man that does not entertain negativity, He gives great advice and knows how to make the earth shake with the beat of his drums.  

Stephan Jenkins is blessed to have Brad Hargreaves as the leader of the band.  This is a man who has stuck by Stephan through thick and thin, which in this lifetime is hard to come by especially in the music industry.  

Photo: Melissa Pruitt

I have had the greatest honor in working with Brad, and telling him all my wild ideas of what I see 3eblifestyle.com in the future days to come.  He listens. He is sincere, He responds back. And He is the Best Drummer this world has. I often joke with Brad, by saying, that they left the apostrophe off Summer God's. And his use of emoji's confirms to me that he is a Man of Great Purpose.  

Brad Hargreaves, you are a legend. May you keep impacting millions.  Thank you for giving me a piece of Summer God's.  I will forever cherish this. You have made this Merry Widow come alive again.  God Bless You Always Brother, The Leader of the Band, The One That IS MADE OF LIONS.

Interview: Andy Gorel

Interview: Andy Gorel

Interview: Ashley Hataway

Interview: Ashley Hataway

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