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Yesterday Recode published an article on the grassroots efforts of a new political platform WTF – no, it’s not what you think.

WTF actually stands for Win the Future although most of my days are filled with real WTFs – with every tweet from the POTUS, every White House briefing that may or may not include cameras, with the Republicans trying to push through a bill that will cause approximately 24 million people to lose access to health insurance, so yeah, WTF?

Back to my original point, WTF is a new political movement founded by Mark Pincus, the co-founder of Zynga, and Reid Hoffman, the brains behind LinkedIn.

The concept is to have a different type of political party closely related to the Democratic Party; one that listens more to the people and less, well, less political if that makes sense. The beginning goal is to have people vote on ideas and collect data determining the issues important to Americans and where they stand. This is great for millennials because this is how they communicate, through technology, quick and easy. Personally I’m a baby boomer and I’m with the millennials on this one; give me a quick down and dirty opportunity to voice my views. My attention span is short and a lengthy poll bores me by the fourth question.

The article is the first I have heard of this movement. I have seen the WTF hashtag, but mistakenly thought it was what we all assume. I’m grateful that Pincus had a conversation with Stephan Jenkins about a possible future bid for a political office or I still wouldn’t know about his movement. After reading the article, I immediately started researching and now I’m a “founding member” and signed up to be a Zip Code Leader – not sure yet what that entails, but I’m game. The WTF platform closely aligns with what I would like to see for our country’s future.

I’m writing this on the 4th of July, our Independence Day, and I have to say I’ve never been so worried about this country’s future. WTF is going to give me something I can get behind and not feel as helpless as I watch the complete and utter degradation of our freedoms. Trump is dangerous, if you don’t believe this you are part of the problem. To all the politicians that won’t fire him, we’ll fire you! This needs to be our battle cry. Trump supporters claim he is exactly what we need, that this is the new normal. No, it is not the new normal and never will be my new normal. It shouldn’t ever be referred to as normal. His constant statements of “fake news” are bullshit – any news that reports the facts and doesn’t support his insane behavior is labeled “fake news”.

How can this be happening in America? How can somebody with so many scandals and Russian ties be the leader of the free world? It’s incomprehensible to me. What can I do? Write my political blog, tweet and retweet important political statements, support the political voice of people like Stephan Jenkins, support the people being marginalized, donate money to candidates opposing a Republican, talk to other people, worry and cry. Now I have something additional I can do, WTF. The feeling of helplessness is being replaced with the feeling of hope. Remember when we had hope? It seems so long ago, but it wasn’t.

Last year on this great Independence Day, I didn’t have the worries I have now. I didn’t fear war because of a narcissistic president that can’t handle criticism. WTF?

In closing, I hope you’ll all support WTF’s effort to change the Democratic Party alongside Stephan, myself and the many others who will not accept this as the new normal.

Happy 4th of July.

Read the article here and click on Win the Future for the link to donate and sign up for volunteer work

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