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Third Eye Blind
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Courtney McCarrick’s Visions of a Motorcycle Drive By

Courtney McCarrick’s Visions of a Motorcycle Drive By

Courtney McCarrick has been a Third Eye Blind fan for most of her life; she has a beautiful energy about her.

It was such a pleasure getting to interview her about her love of life, and of course, Third Eye Blind.

Amanda Birlew: Hi Courtney, My name is Mandie, I’m so excited to meet you and hear about your love of the band, and your ink, tell me about you.

Courtney McCarrick: Very nice to meet you!! I also have been a 3EB fan for half my life! I first saw them in 2000 at Jones Beach when Vertical Horizon opened up for them. That was the first concert and I just saw them for the 20th time in Charlotte last weekend. They have always been my favorite band and their lyrics are very relatable to me and things I have been through in my life. The tattoo I got was my first tattoo and I wanted it to be a lyric from my favorite song which is Motorcycle Drive-By.

AB: I love that you chose that lyric for your tattoo, do people ask about it all the time?

CM: I do get asked about it pretty frequently and I always make sure I tell whoever asks it's a lyric from my favorite song Motorcycle Drive-by - by Third Eye Blind.

Courtesy: Courtney McCarrick

AB: Have you had an opportunity to show Stephan or the boys? If so, how did that go?

CM: I have not and it is something I would love to do!!!!

AB: Who did your tattoo?

CM: Mark, 510 Expert Tattoo.

AB: Would you consider more 3EB ink?

CM: Yes!

AB: What do you want to tell Stephan and company about your ink?

CM: That it was my first tattoo and the only tattoo I would have considered getting on my arm. I love when people recognize it!

AB: Why that lyric?

CM: Because it's from my favorite song and it means that you can be alone and alive at the same time to me.

AB: You said you'd consider another 3eb tattoo; do you have anything in mind?

CM: If I were to get another tattoo I would get, "I want to taste the salt of your skin."

Courtesy: Courtney McCarrick

AB: If you could have a conversation with Stephan what would you want to talk about?

CM: I would tell him how his music has really inspired me. His lyrics are very relatable to me and situations I have been in throughout my life. I also think his voice is something unique and he's extremely talented.

AB: What other 3eb songs resonate with you?

CM: 10 Days Late, Crystal Baller, Blinded, Slow motion, God of Wine, and Bonfire.

AB: Who’s your favorite band member?

CM: Stephan Jenkins.

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AB: What's your favorite album, why?

CM: The first one, "Third Eye Blind" it was what got me into their music. I can still listen to that album straight through and sing along with it.

rolling up on williamsburg. August 23, 2009. 8 years ago.

rolling up on williamsburg. August 23, 2009. 8 years ago.

3eb is a Venue For Friends.

3eb is a Venue For Friends.

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