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Cover To Cover: Expert Picks For 3eb Remakes

Cover To Cover: Expert Picks For 3eb Remakes

The Summer Gods Tour was named for the EP that 3EB intended to release this year. As experts hit show after show and heard unfamiliar tunes during sound check sessions, everyone began speculating what may be on the upcoming EP. One of these unfamiliar tunes turned out to be a cover of “Into The Fade” by Queen Of The Stone Age and was eventually played during several shows at the end of tour.

Speculation continued until midway through Fall Of The Summer Gods when a KFOG interview with frontman Stephan Jenkins revealed that the upcoming EP would be an album of cover songs with proceeds going to charity. In the latter half of the Fall tour, several other songs were added to the list of covers the band would be recording based on what they were playing during various sound checks. These songs included “Joke” by Chastity Belt, “This Isn’t Our Parade” by Santigold, and a beautiful rendition of “Song To The Siren” by Tim Buckley (Start pre-gaming, you guys! You know you’ll want to know all the words to all the songs when these covers hit our ears fresh this Spring...).

On the final day of FOTSG, an article released by The Press-Enterprise gave us some further insight for what we can expect this February. “Usually when people do cover songs, they choose songs that everyone knows,” Jenkins said. “We picked songs we thought are really great songs.” The interview also revealed that artists being covered would also include Beyoncé and Bon Iver, covers we have been familiar with for some time now, “in addition to selections from smaller indie bands.”

Now, a little back story for how the rest of this article came to be. My older sister is very much an audiophile. Given that she is 9.5 years older than me, I had the benefit of her being well into her musical world as far back as I can remember. That benefit exposed me, at a young age, to some of the best. We both discovered 3EB in 1997 when SCL hit the airwaves and bonded over it when she came home from college to realize her little sis knew all the words. You know, except for a few select words and phrases like “crystal meth” that had been edited out for radio and television broadcasts back when FCC standards were stricter. She was proud of me for not saying these things, for being the well behaved child in our family, not realizing that I just didn’t know the words yet. To this day, the bond over 3EB continues. However, while we both love 3EB, they are not her favorite band. Her favorite band (since long before 1997) was, and always will be, The Cure.

You know that feeling you get, every now and again, where you just start aching to hear a song you haven’t heard in a while? Well, a couple weeks ago, I was aching. An old favorite by The Cure kept coming to mind. I hadn’t listened to it in ages, though I couldn’t tell you why. Several hectic days went by, then one morning I woke up and essentially said, “today is the day!” I turned on the song first thing that morning while getting ready to head out. I played it once. Then again. And again. I listened to it on repeat for a couple of days. At some point in those couple of days, I had the thought, “this would be a great song for Third Eye Blind to cover.”

With that thought in mind, I shared this with my peers in 3EB Lifestyle and asked what song they would like to hear covered if given the chance to choose one. I got some really fun and interesting answers. Some songs I know and love, while others were new to my ears. All of them were exciting for me to see because, really, the possibilities are endless and the enthusiasm from these experts, as usual, is unmatched.

So here you have it, expert song selections if they could choose one song for 3EB to cover...

Expert: Kelly Comer

Song Choice: John Prine - “All The Best”

Reason: I love this song because of the lyrics. It’s about being in love, having it fall apart, and, as hard as it is, it’s wishing that person all the best in life, even if it’s without you. I’ve had that feeling, where it’s gut wrenching at first but then you develop the feeling and actually mean it. It’s almost like the steps you go though with grief. It’s letting go even though it’s effing the hardest thing to do because it isn’t with you. I also absolutely love the guitar in it.

Expert: Kim Moody

Now, Kim was so torn over what song to choose. She could have named a hundred songs she’d love to hear a 3EB version of. Of those that she did name, I will include 2: Her impulsive first response, and her thought-out final answer. I feel that the first is a gut reaction with the latter being a true heart response, both of which should be considered with a little more weight than the titles in between.

Kim’s Impulsive Song Choice: Ray Charles - “Drown In My Own Tears”

Reason: For years, I’ve WISHED they would sing this. Stephan and Ray have that gut wrenching, raspy voice that makes you feel the words. It’s so beautiful, desperate, and tugs at your pain. If they added the guitar and piano instead of the saxophone, they could make this melt like warm butter.

Kim’s Final Song Choice: Gregory & The Hawk - “A Wish”

Reason: I would LOVE I more than anything if they would do a remake of Gregory & The Hawk’s “A Wish.” The way 3eb sings about how love goes deeper than bones, good man, god of wine, out of the vein - everyone can understand the description, feel, hear the heartbreaking, cracking, crying. That is the feeling and the reason I love this song from Gregory & The Hawk. A wish - you can hear and feel how broken she sounds from the heart; You can feel the sadness innate to the pain of loving someone so much and how they're able to treat you like you're nothing to them. It's descriptive enough that you can feel the words. That is what Third Eye Blind has in common with this song - they can truly, truly make this even more beautiful and gut-wrenching because it's something we've all been through

Expert: Liseli Thiele

Song Choice: Incubus - “Wish You Were Here”

Reason: Incubus is another band I can relate to; Just like I relate to SJ's lyrics, I have a similar bond to Brandon Boyd. My sister was all about Incubus and I was always about 3eb and it would just feel amazing to hear this song from SJ. Also, Brandon is very connected to the universe and the ocean and it is a song I can see SJ relate to.

Expert: Jessie Vesay

Song Choice: Foster The People - “Sit Next To Me”

Reason: This is a new song, but I could totally hear Stephan’s voice on this track - would be super rad!

Expert: Tasha Boldt

Tasha’s Choice: Tasha didn’t really choose a song, she chose a genre/era and listed some examples, saying, “I’d love to hear them do some old school, story teller stuff like Cat Stevens, “Tin Man” by America, or something from that time like “Song To The Siren!” Anything Bowie, too!!!

Lucky for Tasha, “Song to the Siren” has already made the cut and will be gracing our ears when the EP comes out in February. Since we have to wait for that, let’s take this moment to throw it back to the Bowie medley Third Eye Blind performed at the Outside Lands music festival in 2016.

Expert: Cassie Snyder

Song Choice: Thin Lizzy - “The Boys Are Back In Town” Reason: I’ve always loved this song. I know it’s a classic and probably shouldn’t be messed with, but I can just hear SJ singing it. The guitar and drums are also pretty awesome and I think Kryz and Brad would totally rock it!

Not gonna lie - I’ve totally envisioned the guys covering this, too, just for fun. It’d be a great opener for a Bay Area show, right? So many good feels.

Expert: Nichole Sams

Song Choice: Elton John - “Bennie and The Jets”

Reason: I think this song would be incredible remade by 3EB. This song is a great mix of a strong falsetto and an almost rap-like staccato that SJ does in many of his songs. It’s impossible for me to not rock out to this song.

Expert: Brittney Chamberlain

Song Choice: Redd Kriss - “Yesterday Once More”

Reason: So, this would be a cover of a cover, as this is Redd Kross’ rendition of The Carpenters’ “Yesterday Once More.” I wish my reason was more emotionally charged, but the bottom line is, I LOVE this cover and wish that 3EB had done it first.

And, in case you were wondering what song started this whole thing to begin with, here is my cover song choice as well -

Expert: Lizette McMillen

Song Choice: The Cure - “Doing The Unstuck”

Reason: While listening to this song, I noticed a lot of similarities in the lyrical content with many 3EB songs. I think the song also embraces the spirit that 3EB puts into a lot of their music because the song is about being liberated from the gloom and blues and getting happy. There’s some chaos and anarchy going on, some fire, some sex, some violence, and it’s like an anthem saying forget all that, ‘cause we’re seizing the day!’ The Cure is another one of those bands that writes sad thoughts to happy music, so any cover of their music would be fitting, I’m sure. This one has just always been a favorite by them.

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