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Careening Through The Universe.

Careening Through The Universe.


We all have beautiful stories to tell. Lurking in the background of our hearts are those transcending moments of happiness and times of crushing sadness. Sometimes we carry with us feelings of anger, repressed and lying in wait. I suppose this is where my story begins.


My parents were 19 years old when I was born but parenting wasn’t their first priority. They made an attempt at a family – married but divorced very shortly after. My father preferred his lifestyle of house parties and hard drugs, my mother preferred her boyfriends. I am fortunate to have been raised by my grandparents who showered me with undivided attention and the greatest love I’ve ever known. To imagine where I would be without them is terrifying. By the time I was in kindergarten my dad was sentenced to prison for 8 years. While I was in the 3rd grade my mother struggled from post-partum depression and suffered through an abusive relationship. A few years later Self-Titled was released and before the heaviness of everything around me could come crashing down, there were 14 songs that rescued me.

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I spent years wishing that I would meet someone that could comprehend the profound emotion that pulsed through me for Third Eye Blind. Literally yearning for someone to get it too. I had no idea that most of the shows I went to they were there, somewhere in the crowd, possibly standing right beside of me, singing every lyric. Now 20 years, 6 albums, and countless tours later and I’m finally walking with the mighty.  My people. I’ve found them. The misfits, the exiles, those who understand my soul, the ones that go deeper than bones. 

The roadtripseries
"It's Just A Band."

"It's Just A Band."

The Jenkins Experience

The Jenkins Experience

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