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Interview: Alex Aita, Godzilla

Interview: Alex Aita, Godzilla

Alex Aita
3EB Lifestyle

Interview By Nicole Coletta

Hey Alex, you were chosen as lifestyle member of the week because you are a mysterious man, and we want to learn more about you!

I was lucky enough to meet you in San Francisco and waited in line for 10 hours with you. I easily gained a life-long friend! Let’s get started!

Alex Aita

[NC] You’ve been a fan of Third Eye Blind forever – how long is forever for you?

[Alex Aita] I am absolutely thrilled to be chosen for this interview. These are amazing questions that I might have to really dig deep in my memory bank that I have collected over these past twenty years with 3eb.

[NC] When was your first time seeing the band? What was your experience?

[AA] The first time I ever saw 3eb was back when I had to give excuses to my parents to get out of the house. It was at the Memorial Auditorium in downtown Sacramento. I believe it was 1998. The opening band was the Dance Hall Crashers. They had a bad review for that show because they said they didn't have enough songs to be the main act. I was in nostalgia the entire night. The crowd was really into it. The energy of the band was into it in every song. I just knew in my heart that this was the band that excited me. Up unto that point, I was always into sports. It was as if my life turned a new direction.

It was the start of an obsession that took over my beliefs and my spirit.

[NC] How many times have you seen Third Eye Blind?

[AA] Around 2005, I created a 3eb binder. A 3-ring binder to collect all my memories because at the time, I needed more than what the original had to offer. In one of those sections, I actually made a list of all the shows I've attended. I've seen them twenty one times. An average of about once a year just to get my annual fix. If I had the money and time to go to more, I would. I would go alone, but once I would get there, I am never alone. I am one with my family. My 3eb family.

Stephan Jenkins, Alex Aita 

[NC] If you could only listen to one song by Third Eye Blind for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

[AA] One song for the rest of my life is so hard to answer just because its like the one song that I want played at my funeral. What song do I want to be remembered for, well, I really love Sherri just because its funny and its a rock and roll song to me and I love singing that song on those high notes.

Photo: Alex Aita and Stephan Jenkins

Courtesy Alex Aita

[NC] You are in an album store, wearing your Third Eye Blind Chapel shirt, and Stephan Jenkins walks up to you. What do you say to him?

[AA] Honestly, I might not ask him anything. Instead, I would just say, thank you for being the number one role model and true inspiration in my life for the past twenty years.

[NC] What was your favorite experience that involves Third Eye Blind?

[AA] The music of 3eb has brought together many friendships that I treasure very dearly in my heart. I am so grateful to be able to express to you here because we all share that connection. I have so many priceless memories of 3eb. One of them was when I went backstage to meet SJ. He came out and chatted with me and my good friend Michelle. That whole time, Crissy, the tour manager was making a video of that encounter. Posted it on Assembly the next day and there I was, a video of me meeting SJ on

Courtesy Alex Aita

[NC] What does living a “3eb Lifestyle” mean to you?

[AA] A 3eb lifestyle is a way of life for me. Back when Assembly on was blooming, I would write my daily blog. The title of my blogs were always related to 3eb whether it was a song title or a lyric or anything associated with 3eb. I had written over 200 blogs back in 2009. I am not much of a writer but I was always able to find a way to relate my very personal life with 3eb. That to me is a lifestyle. Even to this very day, I talk about my passion and love for this band to new and old generation of fans. I'm sure I will be posting many more life events on lifestyle.

[NC] Do you have anything else you want to share with Lifestyle?

[AA] I've always wondered if SJ likes sushi and if so what kind. Thank you, Nicole, for asking me these fun questions. I have so much more I would like to share but I'll always be around in Lifestyle. See you in Berkeley, Nicole. Love you. Signing off for now.

Alex aka Godzilla.

What is a Buffalo: Nery Diaz

What is a Buffalo: Nery Diaz

a bubble bath

a bubble bath

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