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Interview: Emma

Interview: Emma

If you're a regular reader of the 3EB Lifestyle or follow us on Twitter, there's a good chance you know who Emma is. She's got her lyrics down and has attended multiple shows with her mother, Bella Wolff. You may also know that Stephan is Emma's favorite and that this girl is all about the hair. I had the pleasure of meeting Emma this Summer and she was an awesome put partner to me in Berkeley, so when asked if I'd like to interview Emma for Fan Friday there was no question. I was in.

Lizette McMillen: What music do you listen to outside of 3EB? (I know she's picky)

Emma: I like The Beastie Boys. And some Fleetwood Mac songs, mostly Stevie’s. But I only LOVE Third Eye Blind.

Lizette: What is your preferred style of clothing for a show?

Emma: Dresses. I go shopping for each show. Although I wore the black velvet and red satin dress twice- once at The Chapel show and once in Vegas. I picked that dress because it matches the Self-Titled album cover. I wore high tops with black sequins, but I’m hunting for boots that are comfortable and stylish.

Lizette: Describe "The Hair".

Emma: It’s perfect hair- dark, curly, thick. And I touched it so I know it’s soft. It’s basically everything beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, in the world, in the form of Hair.

Lizette: Best moment from tour not related to the band/music (a fun moment or delicious meal or something she saw, etc)?

Emma: Road trip!!! We picked up Liseli after the LA show and she stayed with us and hung out until the Las Vegas show. (She made us the best chicken tacos and black beans!) Then we drove to Berkley and took her back to LA. We had so much fun together. Oh and I had a double dip chocolate cone from Dairy Queen.

Courtesy Bella Wolf

Lizette:  What was your favorite show from Summer Gods Tour and why?

Emma: I loved Las Vegas because Stephan looked down at me during “Graduate” and ruffled his hair. I think he did that just for me.

Lizette: If you could make a 5 song mini set to see them play live what would you pick?

Emma: Red Summer Sun. My Mom’s friend died when she was 16, motorcycle accident. And Mom said that she envisions her now and forever, walking with the Mighty, under the Red Summer Sun. (Forever young.) And that she’s holding the door open for us so we can visit there and remember our better selves. And it’s a great song, right?

Ode to Maybe, because it’s whimsical but sad and hopeful. And there is something that is just so completely true about your hopes and dreams smelling of nutmeg and peach.

Red Star. I heard it during the sound check at The Chapel and hoped they would play it, so now I really, really, really need to hear it live.

Non-Dairy Creamer. Because it’s not fair that the people who went to that RNC event got to hear it and they didn’t even appreciate it. And you know they weren’t screaming “Young, gay Republicans” with Stephan.

Good Man. Because I need to hear a song from “Out of the Vein”. Haven’t heard one off that album yet, except the “Faster” Intro.

How does it feel to be a part of Lifestyles and have a hand in writing articles and choosing pictures?

Emma: I love helping to choose pictures of Stephan- I could do that all day. I still get a little nervous, because I’m shy, helping out with articles. But I love being part of a community and making friends. Everyone is so nice to me and values what I do even though I’m just 9. I love Liseli and want to thank her so very much for making me a part of all of this.

Lizette: Stephan is going to be reading this interview. Is there anything you forgot to tell him or ask him at the Meet and Greet?

Emma: Yes, I have a question. Do you happen to have any plans for mid-January, 2026? That’s when I’ll be turning 18. (Oh and everyone says I give the best hugs, I think Stephan and Brad need an Emma hug.)

Lizette: Is there anything she really wants the guys and or other fans to know?

Emma: Third Eye Blind helped me get into music and I never liked music before. The magic it managed to create didn’t help just me through everything either. It helped lots of other people, which is what really matters to me.

Courtesy: Susan Seely

Every song transports you to somewhere else for those few minutes.

Every song transports you to somewhere else for those few minutes.

Floating over Columbus May 23, 2009

Floating over Columbus May 23, 2009

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