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Interview: Tatiana Asnaran

Interview: Tatiana Asnaran

This weeks Fan of the week, Tatiana Asnaran, is special for many reasons.

She is someone I work very close within the 3EB Lifestyle group when it comes to editing and getting blog posts up to par, and I couldn't ask for a better partner in crime.

She's also the new interviewer for 3EB Lifestyle Fan of the week AKA Fan Fridays! I figured the best way for everyone who doesn't already know Tatiana to get to know her, is to interview her!

[Nicole Coletta] How does it feel to be Expert of the Week?

[Tatiana] When you came to me and told me this was a great way to introduce myself as the new interviewer for Fan Fridays – I thought it was a perfect way to transition. I feel honored to be chosen and I’m in great company with the others that have been selected so far.

[NC] This is a question I ask everyone, but, you've been a fan forever, how long is forever for you?

[TA] Forever for me is since 1997. I was in junior high and I remember watching VH1 countdowns, just so I could watch the “Semi-Charmed Life” video. Of course, I had no idea just what SJ was singing about, but I absolutely loved how catchy it was.

[NC] Who are your favorite friends to travel to Third Eye Blind shows with?

[TA] I’m very lucky that I’ve met a lot of really amazing people through 3EB – both on the west coast where I live and on the east coast. If we are talking solely California, you’ll always find me with Diana and Lucy.  Last year, Diana and I took a road trip on the east coast with our friend, Rehana, and that was hands down the best trip ever.

[NC] Describe your first Third Eye Blind show. What was the vibe?

[TA] My first 3EB show was in 2007 (I was a late bloomer with going to 3EB shows), I actually waited outside of the House of Blues in San Diego by myself for hours and hours. I wanted to go all out for my first show. I ended up front row center and that night exceeded my expectations tenfold. I remember hearing “Deep Inside of You” and tearing up because I was still trying to get over someone that had a huge hold on me. During that song, Stephan looked at me and specifically reached out to me to grab my hand and smiled. It’s like he knew what my thoughts were.

Courtesy Tatiana Asnaran

[NC] Stephan looks super scruffy in this photo, can you tell us a little bit about this photo?

[TA] This photo was the first time I met Stephan and Brad in 2013. I bought the VIP and sound check package. I recall asking Stephan if he’d ever consider playing “Red Star.” I can never get a solid answer to this question, even now! Stephan, I’m still waiting to hear it, okay? I remember thinking how nice and personable SJ was. I also remember telling Brad that he has a doppelganger out there, that also plays drums. If anyone is curious, his name is Nathan Young and he played in a band called Anberlin.

[NC] You're first in line, you have the chance to get any spot on the rail - where are you standing? Why?

[TA] I think everyone knows the answer to this, Kryz side. Kryz is my favorite.

[NC] What Third Eye Blind song describes you best?

[TA] This is a tough one. I have songs that I identify with on a personal level because of difficulties I’ve been through, but as far as describing me – I’d have to say “Queen of Daydreams.” I’m an introvert and I live a lot in my mind. There’s a lot that I think, but may not necessarily have the courage to say it.

[NC] What is your favorite song to hear live? Least favorite?

[TA] I’m going to cheat. My favorite songs to hear live are “Persephone” and “The Background” – even though they have only played half of “Persephone” it meant a lot to me to hear it. “Old emotions are coming, back to me” – the line kills me every time. I finally got to hear “The Background” last summer and it was the best surprise ever. The least has got to be “Jumper” and “Semi-Charmed Life” – any expert will tell you we’d rather hear the songs that don’t get a lot of attention.

[NC] If you had to choose a member of the band to road trip with, who would it be, and why?

[TA] Hands down, Kryz. Him and I have a ton in common with our love of Japanese culture, anime, and nerdy things in general. He’s also a great conversationalist, personable, and very funny. He's always been super sweet to me.

[NC] Do you have anything else you want to share with 3EB Lifestyle?

[TA] I look forward to meeting a lot more of you this summer! If you see me, come and say “hi!”

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