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Interview: Tiffany Curry

Interview: Tiffany Curry

Tatiana: I had the pleasure of interviewing sweet Tiffany for Fan of the Week. I met her last year while I was in North Carolina, of course, at a Third Eye Blind show.

Tatiana: Tell me a little about yourself.

Tiffany Curry: "If nothing else I am myself, that's all I have to give"

Tatiana: How did you become a fan of 3EB?

Tiffany: I always knew who they were, but not like I do now however. I became a TRUE 3EB fan one day when I was driving on my way to work. The CD/Radio in my Honda at the time was broken and I was left with streaming music on my phone through some music app. So, there I was driving down a back-country road, headphones in, and suddenly the song "Losing a Whole Year" comes on. I didn't even look to see who it was at first. I remember thinking WOW! This song is amazing. Everything about it was perfect and it just hit a deep spot. It also seemed to fit what I was going through in my life at the time. So, before the song was over I looked and it was indeed 3EB. The next day I ordered all their CDS off Amazon/eBay and got my CD player fixed in my car soon after. It was true love.

Tatiana: What 3EB song means the most to you? Why?

Tiffany: "Another Life" definitely hits an emotional spot for me. I could listen to it happy or sad and it still speaks to my heart.

It reminds me that no matter what is going on in life, all the troubles we face, all the heartache and pain, all the worries and stress, there is another life after we leave our physical body. It gives me something to look forward to.

Tatiana: What is your favorite interaction with the band? Why?

Tiffany: I can’t think of one particular interaction with the band however the first thing that comes to mind is eye contact during the shows. I think it’s the best. When I'm on the rails singing my heart out and they look at you and just smile or sing along too. It feels good. Simple, but good.

Tatiana: What's your favorite song(s) to hear live? Why?

Tiffany: Some songs I have yet to hear live but the one song I absolutely lose it over and cry like a baby to is "God of Wine.”

My happy feel good/dance song is when they do the Beyoncé cover of "Mine" and then transition into "Losing a Whole Year.” SO MUCH FREAKING FUN!

Tatiana: If you could travel with one member of the band, who would you choose? Where would you like to go?

Tiffany: Tough question. Gonna have to say SJ ... and I would love a tour of San Francisco.

Tatiana: If you could help choose 5 songs to put on a set list, which ones would you choose? Why?

Tiffany: Why Can’t You Be, Another Life, My Hit and Run, Anything, Persephone. Hope I'm not judged harshly with these songs but I choose them solely because they all have a special place in my heart.

Tatiana: Best 3EB show? Why was it the best for you?

Courtesy: Tiffany Curry

Tiffany: Technically to me they are ALL the best shows, but the one that forever stands out is my very first show at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC back in November of 2013.

Tatiana: What is your favorite unreleased track by 3EB? Why?

Tiffany: Persephone. Why? Because it’s so raw and so deep. Also because of love, heartbreak and emotions.

Tatiana: Anything you'd like to add?

Tiffany: Friendly Reminder: "Every moment of your life, is a chance to get it right" 

 Exclusive Interview: Lee Moretti

Exclusive Interview: Lee Moretti

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