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Lori's Tattoo of The Sun

Lori's Tattoo of The Sun

For my 38th birthday, I wanted a tattoo. I didn’t have to look through books, online images, or strain myself thinking for months on what to get. It was simple.

A Third Eye Blind tattoo!

The band that had become a BIG part of my life. They have always been very celestial to me, so I wanted it to have a moon with a sun. I love the moon. If there’s a Moon3eb around on a social media platform, it’s me. I’ve loved the band since 1997 and they have helped shape my world, helped me “grow up.” Even though this was in 2009, and we had been waiting for their next album to come out for a couple years, I wanted to pay tribute to the band who was playing the soundtrack of my life. I got my first tattoo ever on my birthday in February of 2009. Maybe it was a good omen, because “Ursa Major” came out 6 months later! I couldn’t wait to show it to the guys. The tattoo artist asked me what I wanted and I simply said moon, with a sun and 3eb in it. He designed it and I loved it!

Lori Moore

I had seen them in concert and met them multiple times, but in 2012, I’d have my chance to show my tattoo off to the guys, on my biggest 3eb day ever! I had already purchased tickets to the show (of course) but a radio station was giving away tickets with a Meet and Greet, so I kept trying to win. I had many conversations with the DJ about being the biggest fan and how much they meant to me, so he cheered me on when I tried, and eventually I won. Now I could bring my niece and her friend (my daughter was busy or she would have loved to come) and I was accompanied by my sister, who we are bound to each other’s favorite band by an unwritten sister pact! I go to Bon Jovi with her, which I love, and she loves coming to 3eb with me. It was the best day ever - my 3eb day.

We got a tour of the venue, and eventually we got to sit in on sound check for the band. Brad was late and Stephan was teasing him for it. Stephan even asked the few of us if we had any song requests.


I shouted out “Tattoo of the Sun,” not only because of my tattoo, but because I love that song and rarely hear it live! The crowd looked at me like I was crazy - all 30 of them.

Stephan looked at Abe, who was the bass player at the time, and asked, “Can we do it?” and then the guitar started, and I blacked out a little. I sat there enjoying my serenade. Ah! Singing just for me! Not many people get that chance, and it was one I will always treasure. They knew I was a big fan. I think my 3eb t-shirt gave it away. The crowd was happy for me, it was great.

Courtesy: Lori Moore

We got swooped away and rushed into a quick photo op where this lovely gem was taken. What a blessing! We got ready for the show (I’m on the left with the grey t-shirt) Stephan always commented that was his favorite shirt!  The show was amazing and I took plenty of pictures, as always. Sometimes, I find myself more stuck in making memories of the show than enjoying the actual show. My only regret of the show is that camera. Stephan was reaching out for a hand, and me with my silly camera in the wrong hand, he went and grabbed my sister’s hand! How dare him! How dare her! I will never let her forget it and I warn her if Bon Jovi comes back, she better watch out! He sang and held her hand and it was awesome. The show was amazing, of course. Stephan was wearing his “Younger than Jesus” shirt.

Courtesy: Lori Moore

After the show, we waited and got to talk with them and that’s when I embarrassingly asked them to look at my foot. Awkward! I wanted to show them my tattoo, so I did! Stephan really liked it and asked what it meant to me. Brad asked if it hurt. Tony thought it was awesome! Mission accomplished! I remember going home that night, parking my car, and literally crying from joy. I thought, this must be what elation feels like. I’ve seen them before and after that show, but that was My 3eb day. The day I could show them all they meant to me. 

Lori Moore.jpg
Interview: Britni Edney

Interview: Britni Edney

I'm a wrecked!

I'm a wrecked!

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