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My Fingers Catch The Sparks At The Thought Of Touching You

My Fingers Catch The Sparks At The Thought Of Touching You

We’ve all been there one way or another.  

It’s part of life.

Whether it’s physically or mentally, we have ostensibly been wounded in our lives at some point. Maybe it was a friend, relative or co-worker. Whatever the case may be, we’ve “walked with the wounded” or been the wounded as the result of riding the rollercoaster of life here on earth.

That’s where the lyrical phrase by Stephan Jenkins, on the second track of the 2000 release album “Blue,” resonates ubiquitously on so many levels.

Lizette McMillen

“But my fingers catch the sparks at the thought of touching you when you’re wounded.”

The inspiration of the song points to a friend wanting to be there for someone in the midst of enduring the repercussions from physical or mental abuse. More simply, someone “wounded” with internal struggles.  

Everyone deals with hardship in their own way, and there are so many variances of what state we are induced in when it happens - shutting down, being closed off, acting out, pretending it’s not causing pain. All signs point to physical abuse in this iconic Third Eye Blind song. Yet, the magic of Jenkins’ lyrics is that it’s open to interpretation and you can take in the lyrics in any type of perspective and relate to it.

Personally, I’ve been on both sides of the lyrical spectrum when I hear the song. In one such instance, a dear friends from high school and college opened up to me about something she had never told anyone.

I was visiting several friends at their college. My friend and I always had a great relationship. We could talk and converse for hours effortlessly. We were at a mutual friends place that particular night and I asked her to join me outside, just to get away from the noise of the party and to chat. We hadn’t seen each other in years so I really wanted to talk more than I wanted to have that cigarette.

I lit the cig, took a drag, and she suggested we go to her jeep to listen to music.

Lizette McMillen

Naturally, she was cognizant of my love for Third Eye Blind and serendipitously put on the Blue album. My Jedi senses felt a disturbance in the force mere moments after “Anything” started to play.

She was hesitant at first but asked me an off-the-wall question about guys. I answered honestly, knowing it would lead up to something.

For her privacy, specifics on what group and area in the world will be left out. All you need to know is she committed an extended amount of her life to help out people in need around the world. Part of the culture where she had been stationed as an aid worker was to have a bonfire in the evenings, and drink heavily.

 Lizette McMillen

Lizette McMillen

She had made several friends in the community during this time and, in this particular case, became caught in a situation that no person wants to ever endure. A male friend (at the time) was horny and had too much liquid courage. He forced himself on her and while she tried to fend him off saying to stop, he didn’t let up.

Her initial questioning was about males who are aroused, and what was the point of no return. I felt like she was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I said NO. No matter what, he should have backed off. That wasn’t a friend. In her big heart, she was still trying to unfault his wrong doings.

As described by her, this person was significantly bigger and stronger than her.

She pleaded.



And then, gave in.

As “Wounded” was playing in the background, I fought my emotions to be strong for her. Tears welled in both our eyes.

She was severely wounded from this traumatic experience and needed to tell someone. I gave her a big hug and told her to learn from the experience. She was a big party person, and I’d like to believe she changed after opening up to me. But, in my heart, I couldn’t fathom the pain she was in. I just tried to give her comfort and be there for her.

There are so many lessons to be learned from this.

As Third Eye Blind people, I feel like we encapsulate all those feelings. We can put ourselves in either scenario and truly feel it. That is part of 3eb that is unparalleled by many other bands. The music and lyrics blend themselves into this magical potion that moves our mind and emotions. Our 3eb family lets us connect and know that we're not alone in the world. Strangers or close knit, we are here for one another. So reach out to your loved ones when they are wounded, and don’t let your scars hold you back.  

“My fingers catch the sparks.”


Interview: Ashley Batten

Interview: Ashley Batten

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