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Third Eye Blind
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Now I'm Going Down....And You're Not Even Around

Now I'm Going Down....And You're Not Even Around

And there’s a memory of a window

Looking through I see you

Searching for something I could never give you

And there’s someone who understands you more than I do

A sadness I can’t erase

All alone on your face

God Of Wine” is my all time favorite song, especially live. I love the lyrics and the smoothness of the song. This lyric will always be a lyric that I can reflect on. I have always felt out of place and awkward as an adult. I have always wanted to belong, be cool, to be accepted and loved for who I am. However, in these times, a lot of people find themselves feeling alone, wounded, or insignificant. I am no exception.


For me, finding strength, peace, and power through music may only last for a few minutes in the car, as I scream the words to my favorite song as it plays ridiculously loud - but I own that moment, and I feel good, and I feel loved, important... Or, I may find that moment while spending a rainy day home, listening to several lyrics of several songs from several albums from the one band that just gets it.

When a certain song brings you to tears, such as “God of Wine,” that’s touching your soul deep. These lyrics do that to me. They seem to say to me, “I’ve always been searching for something that someone hasn’t given me...Will anyone be able to? Am I too emotional? Is it too much BS? Why don’t you listen to me? Why can’t I ever say anything without being accused of thinking of anyone but myself?”

susan 1.jpg

I’m thankful for this band, and our group of loving and caring fans. There is one fan in particular that I’ve been in constant touch with. I absolutely love her, my girl, Tasha Rose Boldt.

Being at a Third Eye Blind show is the purest love I’ve ever known. Being a fan of Third Eye Blind for 20 years has made me feel like less of a mess, but also like a beautiful misfit because... aren’t we all?

A Forward Direction

A Forward Direction

Interview: Ashley Batten

Interview: Ashley Batten

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