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The Night Before Tour 4.19.2009

The Night Before Tour 4.19.2009

Bags are packed. Band has already flown. It's just me and a microphone knowing that Can You Take Me is undone. See, for me, there has to be some philosophical/emotional heart. Even in songs that have a dada/anarchy vibe there has to be something underneath and it took me so long to find of all the things swirling around in my head what was at the core of Can You Take Me. And then at the very last minute, and I mean the LAST minute I kind of found the core of Can You Take Me which is what is really at the source of the whole Ursa Major album.

We have these lives, they're bogged down in wanting this and that and if only's...and what we need to do is wake up and revel in all of it..., life that is. There's something very rebellious about that concept. Rock, to me, is about the joy of rebellion.  

It seems it's when you have near death experiences, close calls, near misses is when we actually appreciate the simple phenomenon of being alive. Songs to me are never actually "about" anything, but that's what's underneath it to me. With that said, I'd like to share with you the lyrics for Can You Take Me.

This blog post written by Stephan Jenkins was taken from a very special archive. Thank you for reading.

Can You Take Me

In these days I wonder, why we’re holding back on bliss We blasphemy everything we see in a prelude to a kiss

I want the infidels’ head on a pike Riding on my motorbike

You and me are alike

Chorus: So can you take me Into days I never knew I want to riot Lets start a riot me and you Cause a riots overdue

All I want right now, Is the time when we slept on the floor You said right here right now Is all I am living for

I got the velocity and all I need now is the mass I just want you to ask


Make it bigger and wider I’m your mega collider

Bust you out, I have come to bust you out

I’ve come

Live in doubt no longer live in doubt

No one

Humbly now, I ask for no resistance

And maybe now, oh just maybe now

We can bridge the distance


Don’t back down, don’t compromise Don’t close your eyes Here it is do or die And you still believe the lie And the world is for the meek Well this mouse is going to squeak Yes I am dying to be freaked

Hollywood Glamorized My Wrath

Hollywood Glamorized My Wrath

I Stay Inside Cause I'm Misunderstood

I Stay Inside Cause I'm Misunderstood

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