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When There Is Everything To Say And Nothing Left To Be Said

When There Is Everything To Say And Nothing Left To Be Said

The lyrics of Tattoo of The Sun expresses all of the thoughts and actions that one goes through when  trying to preserve a relationship that cannot be salvaged.  

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Tattoo of the Sun...

"when there is everything to say and nothing left to be said"

I think everyone has experienced a wide of emotions when a relationship has slipped away from them regardless of the circumstances. 

The visuals and emotion that Stephan project in this song speak to you on every level. 

Whether you have experienced a similar situation or another reason that a relationship ended, we can all relate to the lyrics and the different emotions that the characters go through. Jealousy, sadness, grief, hope, insecurity, reliving memories, these are emotions that everyone has gone through at one time or another when a relationship is slipping away. 

You touch the Tattoo of the Sun on a warm belly that once carried a baby for awhile....Google Images-stock photo

"You touch the tattoo of the sun on a warm belly that once carried a baby for awhile".

This sums up what led to the eventual end of this relationship, a pregnancy that ended. The listener is left to make their own decision if the end of the relationship was due to a grief reaction or a realization that the relationship was not there in the first place.  

From personal experience losing a child is the worst thing that can happen. Everyone grieves in their own way. One person may keep their emotions inside and not acknowledge the loss and go about their life as if nothing ever happened. Others may become depressed and withdrawal from things that they once enjoyed. These lyrics lead you to believe that the way they chose to grieve, and lack of communication with each other may have also played a part in what eventually made the relationship end.  

Tattoo of The Sun-Third Eye Blind-Google Images-stock photo

The last lyrics of the song "when there is everything to say and nothing left to be said, and that makes me sad". I think these lines sum up what everyone goes through when the relationship is over. We want to try to salvage the relationship and think of things that should have been said but realize that there is really nothing else left to say and the relationship is over. Stephan's raw emotion in he last line of the song "that makes me sad" just sums it all up. There is nothing you can do but feel sad when a relationship is gone. 

I think that the 2017 remake of the song fits the mood of the song. It has a slower more bluesy feel than the original version. I know it is not one of Third Eye Blind's songs that gets a lot of play but it is one of my favorites because of the completeness of the lyrics. 

Stephan stated that he wrote Tattoo of The Sun in 1997. It was his first as Third Eye Blind. He feels that it is his most complete lyric that he has written. I think that we can all agree that these lyrics speak to the listener on every level. 

Please share your comments regarding what this song means to you and how it makes you feel. 

There's Something In You, Robyn

There's Something In You, Robyn

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