All in 3eb Ink

The Light She Finds is Golden

Today we feature another expert’s 3eb ink. However, rather than an interview, today we have a first person story from expert Jacquelyn Burt as she explains the personal meaning behind her “Persephone” tattoo and the significance of one lyrical line to her life.

Travis Wagner’s Misfit Ink

Third Eye Blind has built a foundation for a community in which people have found ways to connect with one another in a world that they otherwise feel like a Misfit. In this segment of 3eb INK, Travis Wagner explains the importance of Out of the Vein in his life and what the song “Misfits” has meant to him.

Live Through Lyrics: A 3eb Ink Journey

I could never honestly thank them enough for everything their music has done for me, but permanently marking my body with their words sure does seem like a good place to start. It’s not just about their music pulling me out of tough times, but it’s also about how their music makes me feel alive.