All in Expert of the Week

Interview: Jon Ault

Third Eye Blind fans have much to be grateful for these days. We have a band that is currently writing songs, doing the music festival circuit and staying super active on socials such as Twitter, and Instagram. This week's expert Jon, connected with us on IG to give us a heads up that his new ink piece had everything to do about the blind.

Interview: CeCe Lee

Music and 3EB has always been and will always be ‘deeper than bones’ for me. This is not a just a band, they have been company, therapy and solace throughout life's good and bad times and everything in between.  They’re truly a lifestyle and I wouldn't be me without them!

Interview: Ryan Spitzer

We first met Ryan Spitzer this summer, when he reached out to us at Lifestyle to help him with a concert proposal during the Summer Gods Tour. Since then, he has written several articles you may have read. Today, we get to know him a little better through his answers to our fun questions as Expert of the Week.

Interview: Kim Comer

Kim Comer describes herself as walking with the wounded. She loves Third Eye Blind more than anything. She believes in Third Eye Blind and their music, their music has helped her get through some very difficult times in her life. It allows her to be herself and not hide. “They are her happy”.