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Megan Bayra: Lyrics to "Motorcycle Drive By".

The Mark of the Mighty: 3EB INK Till this day, Stephan is still my favorite lyricist of all time. I am a poet, a singer and a performer. I have always loved self-expression and being free, so it's no surprise that I have a lot of tattoos. I have several Third Eye Blind tattoos. Behind these tattoo are  precious or painful stories. Editorial: Alison Kery- Hanewicz/Lisa Murphy

The Soft Dive of Oblivion

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “oblivion” as “The state or condition of being forgotten; obscurity, nothingness, void.”  Throughout the song, the narrator attempts to paint the picture for his partner of how things will be when the two no longer know each other.  The narrator emphasizes this eventuality by declaring his dive into oblivion. 

Guiltless and Free: Remembering Collier Pearson, A Man So Alive

Riley had posted about their loss and that over 50 friends and family members now plan to attend the Philadelphia stop of the Summer Gods Tour in Collier’s honor, a plan thought up by Max and their parents. “He had tickets to go see 3eb at the show we’re going to on the 25th so we thought it’d be a great way to kind of fulfill that for him. Like a last concert to him to listen to through us,” is how Riley explained it to me when we spoke.