Third Eye Blind



Born In Shadow.


"Born in shadow" is a form of self-description.


BORN IN SHADOW. Even though this is a happy period in the bands life-bigger than ever crowds, band gelling and excited to play, new album on the way-- 3EB and particularly 3EB lyrics have always embraced the shadow, the part we're not suppose to talk about, the ones your afraid for even thinking, that is where

Stephan's lyrics are going to take you. And you can see that friendship with shadow being celebrated on this tour in more daring explorations of songs. The band has been jamming in advance of recording their new album, so this tour will see a band at its most confident in its efforts to discover new ways every night to surprise and transcend.

Born In Shadow

Made of Lions.


Oh God, I don't know. "Made of lions" is a take on some '60s Japanime.


Brad is made of eleven lions (last count), but it does seem to change. Magic, I tell you.

MADE OF LIONS is a phrase Stephan uses to describe the way Brad plays drums, but also speaks to the vigor and intensity 3EB puts into live performance. 3EB over the last few years has developed a proud story of a band that clearly feels alive in live performance. The intensity of 3EB's fans attests to the energy this group creates.

Brad Hargreaves

Brad Hargreaves


Loud As Fuck.


"Loud as fuck" is how I would describe my band.”

— Stephan Jenkins

LOUD AS FUCK. They really are. No backing tracks. No pitch correct. No sequencers. No landing gear. 3EB's intention is to live or die in each moment they play. To make it up as they go. "We are imperfect", Stephan says.

"I like the moment, scary as it may be, where it could all fall apart or it could all be glorious and you won't know 'till you huck it over the edge, but you weren't thinking about it, because you already did. That's what live performance is to me."

So that's what 3EB is about, but what we've learned is that 3EB is about more than a band. One of the theories for 3EB's upward trajectory these last few years, is fans love to find themselves and each other at these shows. Stephan always invites everyone to greet each other, and that sense of togetherness as from the line in the song Deep Inside of You,

"I'd walk with my people if I could find them,” creates a spirit that equals the bands every night.

"I am energized by the exchange with the audience and every night reminds me of how we are all in this together."

Third Eye Blind shows are about taking a moment to sing loud and remember you're alive. And it's a sight to see from the stage or the audience.

“I’m much happier as a person and in a much more wholesome state, so I feel a lot more confident. More so than ever in my whole life, I giveth not one fuck.”

— Stephan Jenkins