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Motorcycle Drive By

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I’m from Chicago, LOVE Chicago, hometown Chicago, & a die hard Cubs fan! I’ve lived in Miami, Anchorage, Costa Rica, Los Angeles & now currently in Pacific WA. I grew up around many different people from different countries. I’ve done a lot of traveling, Canada, Central, South America, Europe & still have trips lined up. I was a teacher-8th grade. I love attitudes, at the beginning of the year my students hated me - at the end I couldn’t get them out of my class room. I’m in remission so children are a no, but my students filled that place in my life & heart.

As a First Nation Women, I was not expected to experience the life that I have. But I have held on to our culture, history, ethics & morals. I have 2 tattoos both are a reflection of being a First Nation Person, I have a Medicine Women Band & a Dolphin both deep meanings from my Nation. I am getting a 3eb tattoo to cover ink that was placed on me to accurately have the radiation kill the cancer. Covering it with a 3eb tattoo will help me forget the horrid treatment.

Third Eye Blind’s music has helped me throughout life. As a First Nation Women who at this point is seeking guidance from the Great Spirit on my next life course & I am recently single all I can say is Wow! Things have changed, but then again I was lucky enough to have a good life with my University sweetheart he was a “Good Man”. I am still in heartache wondering “How’s It Gonna Be without him. Not only did my relationship end but I had to walk away from my teaching career due to a bully & a stalker at the school I taught. I am currently finding a side of myself I never knew existed – the stalker introduced me to fear so “Wounded”, “Get Me out of Here” & “Creep”  from Radiohead are the songs I am leaning on. But no one came to my defense “Back down the bully to the back of the bus, because it’s time for them to be scared of us” did not show up. Even my lawyer threw me under the bus. So I guess it’s my time to learn the lesson of overcoming it. If being asked to become a member of this team is my next path? I am all in! It is an honor to work with such amazing people & maybe with this opportunity not only can I be a great contributor but I might be able to petition Berkeley to teach 3EB 101 since someone had the privilege to teach Tupac 101. To end this All I can say is BRING it! Universe!  #AndI'veneverbeensoalone,AndI'veneverbeensoalive

What I do know is, we’re not done. We are inspired to find something that demands to be heard and share it. We’ve got a long way to go and you are invited to come along.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us and thank you to the people who are all pissed off because it really does show how passionate you are about this music.