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I'm a perfectionist with a procrastinator complex, someday I'm going to be awesome! Writer at 3EB Lifestyle! MAD.BLIND.LOVE

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I first fell in love with Third Eye Blind when I was a bright-eyed, precocious 16 year old who thought I knew everything. I loved taping my favorite songs off of the radio. It was during one of these taping sessions that I first heard Semi-Charmed Life, and I was hooked! I taped Semi off of the radio and listened to it over and over again until I finally went out and bought the CD. Once I had the self-titled CD in my possession I listened to it non-stop. I learned the words to all of the songs. I watched or read everything I could find about the band. There was something about Third Eye Blind and their music that spoke to me in a way that surpassed other bands; I felt like I connected to them on a higher level.

It’s now 20 years later and I still love Third Eye Blind. I’m now a wife, a mother, and a psychologist. I now know that I don’t know everything, but Third Eye Blind’s music still speaks to me on a higher level. I was fortunate enough to join Lifestyle this year. I’ve had the privilege of writing three articles so far, and I hope to write many more. I have also been searching YouTube for videos created by artists and fans where they cover their favorite Third Eye Blind songs. I share these videos with the members of Lifestyle on Facebook, and comment on the artist’s/fan’s page as a way of increasing awareness of Lifestyle and promoting the band as they continue to create music. I hope to keep writing and working for Lifestyle and supporting the band that we all love!