In Your Heart Now, Can You Feel It?

This lyric speaks volumes to me in so many ways, it’s been my go to song when I need to recenter myself or bring a quick dose of feel good happiness within.

I’ve been in nursing the past 20 years, actually the very same year Third Eye Blind blasted onto the scene. Many days I face traumatic events and tragedy. Nursing is in my heart and I can feel it with a fierce intensity daily.

“Never wanted to break through all of the secrets keeping me and you, from a better life and a better moment. If it showed up, could you own it? Could you?”

I could and do, to advocate for patients who have no voice, hope or anyone to stand up to fight in their corner. I have to admit I get discouraged, angered, and frustrated with the healthcare system and how they treat human beings more like a price tag. I believe in my heart the cure for cancer is already out there, but the monies they make off of sick and dying individuals is of more value than their lives. I wish these very people had to look into the eyes of a dying mother who won’t see her children reach adulthood, or a child who won’t even have the opportunity to become an adult. Greed and money is really worth all this?


“When you’re wishing for a brand new start...”

Everyday! Recently I had seen that the pharmacists aren’t allowed to tell consumers that there are cheaper alternatives to the medicine they require to live. Some are cheaper bought outright rather than through their own insurance plans. How in all good conscience could you knowingly do that? They put people in positions of food on the table or medicine to remain healthy? This song gives me the will power and determination to bring this to the light and make people aware, so they can come forward and fight this fight with me!

“You’re the Queen of Daydreams.”

I am and I am always daydreaming that all people will have the same opportunity to live a full and happy life without these obstacles holding them back! If you’re rich you have the cures handed to you, those less fortunate just become another number in the healthcare world.

“I’d never wanted to stay somewhere so much as here today...”

Those lyrics transport me back to being at the Third Eye Blind shows, where all the people unite and become one together. There is no sadness, just pure happiness and true love within the venue. Strangers embrace each other with no hidden agenda, that’s my hope one day outside the venue.

“In your heart, you make it real.”

Only you, and you alone can do this. I hope more people will step forward and make these issues real in their heart and help change the world, one step at a time. I will forever remain, the Queen of Daydreams, and keep dreaming of all the possibilities that are out there “...for a better life and a better moment!”

Art: Bridgett Colson

Thank you Stephan Jenkins, for these lyrics, they give me the strength and courage to do what is right for humanity! I will continue to always feel it in my heart passionately. I will keep this song playing to give me the motivation I need everyday to make a difference!!!