3EB Meditation: Company

"To try and get back the feeling And no real friendships exists! That would be an understatement"

In reflecting on these lyrics found in 'Company' from Third Eye Blind's 2003 release Out of the Vein I am struck by some very interesting and paradoxical takeaways.

The song itself muses on manic depression and addiction, the difficulty those who suffer have in getting through one day at a time ... one hour at a time. The constant strife to

"try and get back the feeling"


"little cuts on your wrist"


"get(ting) the chemicals in"

in order to

"find some peace.”

The innate hopefulness, though, in all of us "keep(s) saying this will end.”

Front man, Stephan Jenkins has himself, on occasion, been deemed 'difficult' to interact with by members of the media, ex band mates etc. I wouldn't discredit anyone their opinion or experience but I would make a case for a strong counter argument as to the man's ideologies and stance on various topics as they pertain to the human condition.

As we know, Stephan often writes songs from the perspectives of others and what they might be going through, and not necessarily his own take on a given subject at a given moment. This, to me, lends clarity to a pointed desire to shed light on the innumerable personal plights that most of us face on a daily basis. All of this occurring in a world that, too many of us, seems to care ever less. Where one can feel that

"no real friendships exist"

and people seem more self absorbed than ever.

"You don't know where we've been.”

We sometimes have to look deeper into art and feel the empathy that lies within the words themselves. This notion can be further evidenced in the song 'About to Break' from the subsequent release Ursa Major, where perhaps the script is more self evident.

"For the soft medicated and the hard deranged"

indeed it constantly seems as though

"it's about to break.”

We all need to "take a wider view" and understand that everyone has a story, has things they are trying to get through. This meditation has afforded me a deeper understanding and appreciation for the art and insightfulness that Stephan and the band continue to bless us with.

"When I see your face, I wanna be in the human race, you’re beautiful it's true, I wanna be beautiful like you.” - About To Break