Saturday with Stephan: The Rockstar and His Political Tweets. What the Experts have to say about it.

I talk about this shit in my rock band, And I got black fans, and I got fans with sun tans, And we all have the same demands.

How do you feel when Stephan Jenkins tweets about politics?

"I love it. The best artists are always outspoken about their beliefs."

"You know, not taking a stand is taking a stand. It's taking a stand for privilege done with the absolute belief that you can afford to sit back because it doesn't affect you. So, I'm happy that Stephan is politically active. It means he understands that whatever privileges we possess, we need to use it to end the status quo."

"I love his tweets. I don't always agree 100% but I'm usually on board. He has an open mind and wants what is best for everyone; he's fighting for the greater good - "all for the good fight." It's encouraging and a glimmer of hope in the darkness."

"He has his opinions like everyone else, I'm not big into politics." 

"Back down the bully to the back of the bus."

"Not for or against. Would rather keep politics out of songs though."

"I absolutely love it. We are on the same page about everything as far as I know. I actually hashtagged #jenkins2020 a few months ago half joking so I was really excited when this Win The Future stuff came out!"

"I get excited by his political views. SJ helped produce Vanessa Carlton's White Houses. SJ in the white House or even Congress. He has all the qualifications."

"I don't take musical advice from politicians, and I don't take political advice from musicians."

"I don't dwindle in politics too much so it doesn't bother me. If anything im thankful he stands up for what he believes in and makes it a point to spread the message. Good for him!"


"I don't always agree"


"Excited - I love his political views and feel they closely align with my own politics - he's on the cutting edge of a great movement and I'm interested in helping."

"I love it. He is well educated and speaks his mind. I appreciate and agree with his views."

"Politics are not my thing but, I love his passion and that he's not afraid to voice his concerns and opinions/beliefs."

"I appreciate his point of view, but politics are complex and require more than broad strokes. I appreciate his climate change views, however."

"I adore that he stands up and speaks out on what matters"

"Inspiration, hope, and grateful"

"Stephan Jenkins, Turn it up Louder, You got an audience,

Courtesy of Josh Martin Photo (IG)