A Chronicle: Dated: June 3, 2009

i was standing on stage last night on my rug in the dark with the smell of incense that my monitor engineer always lights and the smell of pot coming from the audience--iowa, chalk full of weed.

ha ha. btw, i don't really smoke pot, i just don't like people being prosecuted for it, which is wasteful and stupid and is about telling people what to do which is counter to what i am about.

if you want to see what music is without pot, just look at american idol--bleck.


well anyway, here i am in kansas and my knee is aching like a mean bastard. i am so in need today to get beyond the easy comforts of clamering through lux travel. all i want is the moment where we are consumed and not just diverted by out encounter with this life.


sounds a bit heady i know, but i'm in a hotel suite in kansas near a mall when i am longing for a dirt road in the heat with the buzz of insects near the river like that summer somewhere back on the salmon river where everything was ecktachrome blue and you knew nothing would ever be stuck or repeated.


it's a bit of a curse having this constant thirst to live. i am always holding out for true love with the moment i'm in. the one place i know i can find it is when we play live and that's why i'm so possessed by playing these shows. it was last night in iowa, my clothes soaked in sweat, that i actually felt in the emotional eye of the dust devil of my life. it felt so good i could even feel my knees.