Life Is Ours At The After Show

My husband and I are both extreme Pacers fans and our love also runs deep for Third Eye Blind.

Several years back, Third Eye Blind announced that they were playing a free show in downtown Indianapolis for the Pacers' opening night.

I absolutely could not believe that my favorite band was playing a free show to start up my favorite basketball team's season. They set up in a small tent on Pennsylvania Avenue, due to rainy weather conditions, and only about one hundred people could fit inside. I stood outside the tent for several hours in the pouring rain to ensure that I would be one of the few to make it inside.

This was only my second time ever getting to see them live. The show was electrifying and felt so personal since so few of us were a part of it. I still have the glo band that Stephan placed on my head that night; It brings back such great memories every time I see it.

Prior to the show, I had messaged Brad on Facebook to see if they would be hanging out anywhere after the show, in hopes that I would finally meet them. Brad messaged me back and said that he would be DJ-ing at a local club and that Stephan would be the celebrity bartender that night. I wasn’t sure if this was the “real Brad” or not so I figured I would just check out the club after the Pacers game.

My husband and I left well before the game was over because the chance of meeting Third Eye Blind was consuming my thoughts and I couldn’t care less about the game, even though I’m a die hard fan. We arrived at the club and were told that they would, in fact, be there. This was both exciting and nerve wracking, because I was 21 but my fiancé was not. We were an hour and a half away from home; The weather was terrible and I was in full blown panic thinking about what he would do for several hours, in a city that he knows no one in, this late at night, and with very little cash. He assured me that he didn’t mind, so I stayed.

Brad walked up and started chatting with the few of us from the show and signed some things for us before he went to his DJ stand. A few moments later, Stephan walked around to the other side of the bar and asked if I would like a drink.

I recall blurting out, “I’ll take a captain and coke!” His reply was, “Woah, that’s an awful big drink for such a small girl. Are you sure?” 

I had no idea what I had even said. I just spat out the first alcoholic drink that I could. We both laughed and chatted a bit; He asked if I would like to have anything signed. The only thing I had on me was the yellow envelope that my Pacers tickets came in, so that is what I had both Stephan and Brad sign. To this day, I wish I had been more prepared. I was meeting my favorite band, and all I had was a yellow envelope for them to sign!

Anyway, the entire night, I just couldn’t believe I was sitting at a bar hanging out with my favorite band. It was absolutely unreal. Stephan slang drinks all night and laughed and chatted with everyone around while Brad laid down tracks. I took way too many pictures on my crappy old iPhone (you couldn’t even send pictures yet back then, so imagine the picture quality). I also had a digital camera with me that was just as bad.

The crazy thing is, it was like no one except the handful of us from the show and those working the club even knew who they were. I kept looking around wondering why no one else seemed to be as excited as we were. I truly feel lucky to have been able to experience that, because I don’t feel that would ever be the case these days; Their fan base has grown into something so much bigger.

I had been there for several hours when I decided I should call my fiancé because he was who knows where, doing who knows what, and I started to feel guilty. To this day, that night does not even seem real to me.

Looking back, all I can do is laugh because of how horrible my rain hair looked, how much of a mess I was trying to order a drink, and how I cannot believe I left my fiancé to go to a bar with complete strangers because I was not going to miss out on this opportunity. The only regret I have of that night is not saying more while I had the chance. That was such an intimate and personal experience, and I choked on so many words. I also wish my husband could have experienced it with me. It was one of the most surreal nights of my life and will forever be a cherished memory.