Cashing Them All In

“God of Wine.” It’s really about a type of woman I always find myself attracted to — the types that seem like they need saving but they don’t, that their darkness is their choice.

I think that’s probably related to my relationship with my mother.

Art: Bridgett Colson

Stephan Jenkins on the God of Wine

But I was involved with this girl. She was incredibly dark, but she was also completely liberated from all of these institutions and structures that I had been marching in my whole life. It was incredibly liberating to be involved with her, but it was also totally untenable and unsustainable. She was free from society, but she was also a drug addict. There’s no freedom in that. … That was the one time I sat down on the floor and put all of these things together into an orbit that spoke beyond my ability to explain it. That’s what I think a good song does, so that’s my favorite.