Camouflage: Who's Messing Up The Sabotage?!

What an epic song to help unveil a painfully frustrated introvert like me.   

I have lived my whole life with a hidden lust for life but have battled the dominant feelings to control and sabotage everything I ever thought, did, wanted or needed; flight typically won over fight.

I still wear a mask or ‘’camouflage’’ most days, it is extremely exhausting and at times heart-achingly unbearable. So, the lyrics

‘’To yourself don't destroy’’ are particularly pertinent, whenever I hear them I shake my head and feel my heart sink because I still continue to get in my own way of the things I want in life.

I've always been the one to encourage people to take off their own camouflage but, I have never let anyone in enough to do the same for me. So my interpretation of this brilliantly chaotic song, is that I am the catalyst to mess up the sabotage that I alone create and only then can I finally find the story of MY own; CHECK IT! 😊

@Cece lee