I had little knowledge of Yungblud prior to seeing him open for K.Flay this Spring on her Everywhere Is Somewhere tour.

The name sounded familiar which means I likely saw it on an Alt countdown on a radio station over the summer.

I might have been gearing up for K.Flay, but I learned while chatting with fans around me that he was a big enough draw on his own. My interest was piqued. 

Yungblud is Dominic Harrison, a 20-year-old from a market town in South Yorkshire, England. He has a mix of Cage the Elephant's wild frontman, Matt Shultz, the thrashing and sneers of Johnny Rotten, and rap-rock vibes of Red Hot Chili Peppers or RATM. He is wild and crazy as he hits the stage like a tornado. His tongue sticks out more throughout the show than Miley Cyrus' did in the entirety of 2013.

He's throwing the mic stand, smashing a guitar, and grinding against his guitar player. Straight up raw rock and roll. OK, now I'm hooked. My eyes were peeled and I only looked away between songs to turn to my friends for their approval while we nodded and clapped in amazement.  He hid behind a black hoodie for the first several songs of the show, and his outrageous stage behavior and unpredictability made me a little nervous. 

Yungblud will be playing the final cross country Vans Warped Tour, and also playing shows and festivals around Europe from now through September. While we're excited for new music, we currently only have a handful of songs to enjoy. 

My current go to is 'Polygraph Eyes', a song with a strong message about sexual consent.  'Anarchist' and  'King Charles' will likely be stuck in your head, but you'll love it, and 'I Love You (Will You Marry Me)', will make you want to dance. 

He hasn't been around long, but it looks like he is just getting started. So my guess is we will have several more message-heavy protest songs to look forward to. It's been a quick climb for him since his start in 2017, and I for one am looking forward to seeing where the tornado takes us.