The Click: AJR

A lot of the bands I feature for these articles are bands that I personally love and enjoy, or have a direct connection to Third Eye Blind.

However, I do enjoy a challenge and like to take on bands I am absolutely unfamiliar with, like AJR. The amazing thing about writing these music features, though, is how much I learn about the bands along the way.

So since I learn so much I have gone ahead and compiled the Top 5 things you need to know about AJR right here.

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First, AJR is composed of 3 brothers, Jake, Adam, and Ryan, and they do everything themselves. They each play multiple instruments, they write, record, produce, and even mix their music themselves. Oh, and AJR actually stands for the first initial of each of their names if you haven’t figured that out yet. 

Secondly, they have two albums out, their first, 'Living Room', was only released for digital download. Their second album,'The Click', is barely a year old but they are playing the hell out of it on tour. One tune you'll be happy to hear is, 'Burn the House Down'. 

Third, the New York brothers have been around for over a decade, and their resume consists of playing with impressive acts like Train, Hoodie Allen, Fitz & the Tantrums, and Ocean Park Standoff.

Fourth, they're on tour currently bopping around the Midwest and East Coast through April and May, and sprinkling in some summer festival shows through July. They'll be at the Sokol Auditorium tomorrow (Tues. Apr 10th) in Omaha, NE. 

Lastly, their current single, 'Sober Up', is really (really) good and features Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. Spoiler alert: It will probably be stuck in your head.