A Chronicle Dated: May 17, 2009, Heavy Metal Parking Lot


Heavy Metal Parking Lot

To be clear, it was not RFK Stadium, but RFK Stadium parking lot we played yesterday.

We were the only non-metal band (depending on what we're calling The Offspring) who btw have accumulated so many sing-alongs over the years I couldn't even believe they wrote them all.


Anyway, it was a hoot of a day. I woke up on the tour bus at about 2 in the afternoon, literally right behind the stage.

Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind

I waddle out, scratching ass through boxer shorts -- a morning tradition, sunglasses could not be big enough and see all of the other bands milling about.


it's Papa Roach, Shinedown, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Puddle of Mud, and the Offspring, and us. We are so the black sheep.


I am thinking how is 3EB --pretty little songs with dirty little words-- going to fit in with all this heavy rock? Well, all the bands are nice and everyone checks out each other's sets.

I love the fellowship of musicians. We're all misfits of one kind or another.  

Back to the big rock show.

We got held up because Thor himself threw lightening and rain down big and hard right before we played and the stage got soaked


and so did the crowd and we had to change the set and people were screaming and the whole thing was about to fall apart ….


and then we went on stage and the sun came out and it turned into a big, wet sun-splash.


You see a lot of things from my side of the stage--yesterday it was giant swarms of moshing and lots of tits.


Something about spring time maybe means that the girls needed to get em out. Hope everyone enjoyed.


Afterwards, I stood on a balcony and watched the Offspring and drank a can of beer. It felt good.