A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The gift of music is one that I hold dear to my heart, and never take it for granted. To be able to transport my mind for those 4 minutes, in order to place myself within the landscape of the narratives, serves as a mini break from life. Since embarking on this journey to place the visual with the audio, and create a collection of works that prove that Third Eye Blind is the Soundtrack of Our Life, I have found myself going through photos from years back.

I came across this one, which was taken from a short film test in 2010, I took the challenge to see just how powerful and image can be to the experts and just how quick lyrics would start hitting this post.

Name all the lyrics that can we used with this photo.

Liseli Thiele

1. Like a candle I snuff ...why can't you be ..

2. I burn candles and stare at a ghost

3. I tried your gypsy table ramblings and your seance stunt

4. I want to be your cystal baller..

5. And a candle burns to fight off the gloom,
I said to live in this way is not for the meek,

6. I’ve never been so alone, and I’ve never been so alive

7. I’ve got a will to burn

8. I keep burnin on and on and on

9. Holds a truth I can't erase, all alone on your face

10. Baby I thought you’d call, or leave a light on in the hall

11. "I'm always a ghost
I tried your gypsy tarot readings, some seance stunt
I keep an open mind but I think it’s just a front
Want to believe it though" -Shipboard Cook

I think it's fitting because you have the candles of the saints like you would buy at a bodega or from a magic/hoodoo store. There are like what you see used in Santeria and used alot in calling protection and contacting ancestors and deceased loved ones.

I have a white Pilar candle in glass that is my spot for my brother with some pictures on my special shelf in my office bear my art desk. I place my "magical items" (merkaba crystal necklace, prayer beads, and goofer dust on the photo and candle to recharge and dispell negative energies.

Love this photo Liseli. Very person and intimate for those who know your life story. Also I like this for the transition of Christian's character in the narrative as his role will take on many forms or avatars in the story arcs.

12. New ideas in my head start to burn

13. And the light she finds is golden

14. In the darkness, candle light across my face

15. Get through one more day of missing you

16. She said the darkness and the light,
The clock, it bleeds for you but you never got the time in right,

17. I can’t go nowhere, I burn candles and stare

18. Haunted
No guarantees, sometimes it's enough to breathe
And get through one more day of missing you

19. No one's fooling anyone
Everyone struggles inside
And everyone has lied
Fooling anyone, no one is fooling anyone, yeah
No one is fooling anyone
No one is fooling anyone

20. Burn it all down let’s take it higher

21. You’re guiltless and free

22. Sherri was a stoner hahahahahahaha she’s zoned out at some candles

23. Something in you I believe in❤️