Amoeba Records: A Night with Stephan Jenkins

Last Friday, Stephan Jenkins, (Third Eye Blind) made a visit to Amoeba Records for an intimate performance and signing of the newly released Summer Gods Live on vinyl.

Some of our very own experts were lucky enough to attend, so here is a very special edition of Music Monday featuring a collection of reviews and photos from the night. I must warn you, jealousy and envy will overcome you!

Stephan was set for a 5pm start, but of course, we were lined up many many hours before in anticipation. 

A lot of our Lifestyle experts are local to the bay area, however, some traveled far and wide for this unique event, some seeing the city for the first time.

"It was an amazing show, definitely worth the trip from NY! (Stephan) was so personable and sang his heart out. He took time to speak to each fan, another unforgettable moment that I'm grateful to have been a part of. Thank you so much, Stephan, hats off to you!" -Bridgett Colson

Stephan wore the perfect bright yellow Rick Owens sneakers. He's a rock star, per usual, and we wouldn't expect any less from our favorite Magic Man. Liseli Thiele, via Instagram (@ownthethronemovement), had the best words to capture the amazing energy. 

Photography Nic Sams

"I love you guys and each expert in line that loves our rockstar legend! He is such a fierce individual who changes lives with his music. He loves his fans and has the most beautiful soul. May we keep going strong. Together, We Are Human! #madblindlove" -Liseli, @ownthethronemovement

Stephan's energy and care, and the time he spent with each fan making sure every individual had the best experience is what makes Third Eye Blind and their fans FAMILY. 

Photography: Nic Sams

Courtesy: Lizette McMillen

“The show was uber short but sweet and lovely. Stephan took requests from the audience and did a couple songs he normally doesn't play live! The signing after was great. He took time to talk to each person for longer than just a few seconds. I was able to give him one of the cookies I made. I didn't intend to give him one because I thought it might be too weird but I did anyway! After everyone was done getting their albums signed, we took a group photo with the Lifestyle members who were there. So excited to see the photos! I took a couple of pictures but nothing spectacular. I was very close so I didn't want to annoy Stephan with a phone in his face. Overall, it was a great experience and meeting him as well as a few other experts was amazing and a memory I'll treasure forever.” - Stephanie Gardea

Photography Nic Sams

“Stephan's Amoeba set was definitely worth the trip. While it was a short set list, that level of intimacy is hard to find in any other situation. We heard a couple songs that we got on tour but also several that are rarities for a live performance, accompanied by personal stories about them. The album signing went smoothly. I stayed through the whole of it and it was a beautiful thing seeing the joy on people's faces as they got to have that one-on-one moment with him. He was candid and relaxed. Fans were beaming. Add in the fact that I was having this experience with some of my favorite people and you can't get much better than that. Thank you, Stephan, for coming out to do the show for us. Shout out to Steph for the Stephan cookies. Cheers to all the friends who came and made it that much more wonderful.

Oh, also, the event opened with a talk from San Francisco Mayoral candidate Mark Leno. As he spoke, you could easily see that he is a kind man with a sincere heart who is passionate about investing in children's and youth programs, including the arts. If you're a San Francisco resident, please look into his platform and experience and consider voting for him in the upcoming election.” -Lizette McMillen

Photography: Nic Sams

Photography: Nic Sams

Huge thank you to our very own Nichole Sams and Kris Comer for capturing some amazing photos of Stephan and our experts, as well! We love being surrounded by so much talent!

Nichole Sams, Courtesy Liseli Thiele

Nichole Sams, Courtesy Liseli Thiele

The next show you can catch Third Eye Blind will be on April 6th at The Anthem in Washington, D.C., for Blossom Bash with Bush.   They'll also be on the festival circuit throughout the spring and summer so be sure to check out their next several dates

Photography Nic Sams, 3eb Lifestyle

Until next time, Mad Blind Love to you from our experts!

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