An Extended About Me. Dated: December 16, 2008.

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An extended about me.

- Dove over board in rough seas to save favorite sweatshirt

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- Got the worst jellyfish bite you’ve ever seen

- Enjoys moving walkways and composting

- Watches TV and is terribly ashamed of it


- Drove a mini van at 123 mph according to the highway patrol

- Is bad with names

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- Remembers, songs, paragraphs, blues prints etc. in one viewing

SJ Blueprint

- Is nicer than he seems


- Is not a germ freak


- Bounces when he walks in NYC he loves it so much

Magic Man NYC

- Is San Francisco to the bone

- Does not like having his picture taken


- Absolutely loves playing live

- Tears himself to pieces over lyrics


- Can’t wear shoes on stage but tries to get over it cause he gets carried away and cuts his feet


- Loves shoes


- Likes Vietnamese food, dirty bass, and Irish jokes


- Did not like Radiohead till kid a.


- Held is head in a bucket of ice water for three minutes and 36 seconds

- Never drinks before shows


- Always drinks after shows

- Was a vegetarian

Mike Wilson Photo

Mike Wilson Photo

- likes the bus a little chilly


- has the skin temperature of a furnace

- is afraid of being lazy

- prays every single time he gets on a plane without fail


- Is agnostic

- Carries spiders outside

- Takes better care of his dog than himself

- Can’t speak Spanish but fakes it with Mexican friends who laugh at him

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- Gets testy around bigots

- Will dance around like an idiot

- Is a creature of habit


- Is a morning person

- Is a creature of the night

- Is pro American

- Thinks George, Dick, Condi, and Donald should all do time

- Gives things stupid names like drinkie winkie, napie nap or calls people tommy poo


- Got Dr. Dre’s autograph


- Favorite suicide girl is Mary


- Was noticeably upset when Baron Davis left the warriors


- Splits wood, changes tires, sheet rocks, shovels, sands and routers

- Cries at novels, movies, music, news stories and heroic sporting events

- Huge crush on air America/MSNBC Rachel Maddow

- Wanted to be a fireman and still does

- Was a boy scout and never got a merit badge

- Thought he would be a marine biologist


- Hates being late and always is

- Loves the city of Kyoto


- Likes sardines and anchovies

- Will leave in the middle of everything if it’s snowing

- Hates it when people block the box to the Holland tunnel

- Tore muscles in his neck head banging


- Broke his wrist skateboarding

- Broke his back snow boarding


- Likes girls with center hoop nose rings

- Has no piercings


- Wishes he could write a cartoon for the New Yorker just once!


- Has achieved excellence in only one thing -- peeling citrus

- Loves tattoos


- Doesn’t have one

- Does not believe there is any such thing as race

- Believes in evolution

- Lives on the ocean

- Loves the desert

- Learned how to make vespers from watching James Bond movies


- Loves bartending

- Favorite words are: conviviality, ameliorate, luddite, supplicant, antediluvian and of course spooky and squishy

- Can never remember the word mosaic

- Cannot spell any of the above accept spooky

- Can keep a secret

- Can never find his keys

- Likes things neat but is very messy

- Favorite singers are Elizabeth Frazier, Freddy Mercury, and Edith Piaf

- Favorite rock star is Meg White

Meg White.jpg

- Rather have a small house full of friends food and wine than a big one without

- Seeks the middle path

- Always goes too far

- Hates bad manners

- Never been in a Wal-Mart

- Never seen Oprah

- Girl crazy since six

- Role models—Teddy Roosevelt, Francis McDormond and Frankenfurter

- Failed the first grade

- Reads constantly

- Has terrible trouble reading cause of dyslexia

- First song ever heard was ABC by Jackson Five

Jackson 5.png

- Hasn’t been the same since

- More sour patch kid than hard candy shell


- Favorite rock moments: skateboarding across indoor stadium, during u2 sound check, first time he heard a synthesizer

- Makes a smirky face when photographed and doesn’t really look like that

- Eats locally grown grown organic

- Loves double stuffed Oreos

- Is actually shy


- Is jumping out of his skin


- Marvels at people who are comfortable in theirs

- Lust for life and a healthy death wish


- Almost always on a motorcycle

- If he could sound like anyone it would be Ronnie James Dio


- Comes from Nebraska farm stock

- Is partial to farmers

- Is a member of croquet team called the Bengali Brahmins

- They have never won a match

-Hates it when brad plays over him at sound check

stephan and brad.jpg

- Brad always plays over him at sound check

brad drums.jpg

- Writes better when he’s feeling not thinking

surfing 2.jpg

- Tends to over think things


On June 29, 2009 02:13:32 AM - lovepirate9 said:

I have a little question... I noticed you said that you pray before you fly everytime you fly..but your beliefs are agnostic..
if that the case, who are you praying too??