Cigarettes After Sex

July, 2017 - I rolled out of the Ford dealership with my brand new Fusion.

I’d be lying if I pretended that I wasn’t just as excited for the new 6 month subscription to Sirius radio that came with it.

I instantly found my favorite stations: SiriusXMU, Alt Nation, Pearl Jam Radio, and (duh!) 90’s.

It seemed that the band Cigarettes After Sex dominated multiple channels’ playlists all summer long. When I first heard them, I was stoked to tell all my die hard music fan friends about this amazing new band, only to find out that this was not news to them. It turns out this band had been flying under the radar since 2012 and, 5 years later, they had just begun to receive massive attention. The band had released their first full-length album the previous month, so it’s no wonder everyone was already in the know. It appeared I was late to the game when it came to this Texas foursome.

Cigarettes After Sex makes music I like to refer to as ‘driving music.’ You know, that slow, ambient music with whispery vocals giving us hopelessly romantic verses that are perfect for a late night drive. This dreamy and hazy sound is one of my favorites, similar to bands like Beach House, but with less distortion than it’s Shoegaze forefathers, Jesus and Mary Chain. Their lyrics about love and losing it are wrapped in a dark and smoky vibe. Rolling Stone online said they are for anyone who’s a fan of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wiked Game’, and I’d have to say that I see their comparison, and raise them Forever Blue.

Cigarettes After Sex have a simple setup: electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, and a stringent rhythm section. The vocals are a soft androgynous hum from frontman Greg Gonzalez, who lulls us with his crooning about heartbreak and one night stands. They’ll be playing the Fillmore in San Francisco on April 26, as well as several other 2018 shows that are listed on their website.

You can slow nod to one of my personal favorite tracks, like “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You, Baby” (above). “Affection” (below) is another one, with shattering lyrics like “Your lips, My lips, Apocalypse” or “Come out & haunt me, I know you want me.”

Their socials fit their moody aesthetic well, with black and white tiles on their Instagram feed. It’s there you’ll notice that they are even T Swift approved, ha!

For more information, check out their official pages below!