Dark Deserted Heart

I’ve always interpreted Losing A Whole Year as a song about loss, anger etc.  

My poem stems from that in a personal way.

"Park closes after dark" - Ryan Spitzer

Your mind is a sponge that repeatedly wrings these bad memories from the past back into what you thought were secluded thoughts. Then it’s truly a vicious circle.

It's a ghost town here There is no one near I hear distant howls From all the night owls

Prowling in the dark Perfecting the art Of roaming around This deserted town

I'm usually alone Far from my home A lone wanderer I sit and I ponder

Pondering my life And where I have been Please god forgive me For all of my sins A new life to begin

Sitting here in the dark Alone in this dirty park On a run down wood bench My life can't jump this fence Hence why I can't stay here Can't live life in such fear Putting life into gear

I'm Blasting the night We had that last fight Playing in my head All the words you said

You are breaking me down In this deserted town Even when no one out I can still hear you shout

Feeling me with such anger Putting my life in danger The nasty words you said That I'm better off dead

Well a year gas past Maybe slow maybe fast Now I’ve lost it all I’ve made my fall This relationship well had its curtain fell

The end has come and gone a massive headache in the dawn Hungover from the drunk hell

A side effect from your evil love spell