Darkness: Blue Come Over

The lyrics make me think about times when depression takes over and the world seems overwhelming.

Everything seems to get darker and sometimes it seems like the sun will never come out again. Like walking around in a fog and not knowing how to snap out of it.

“And the world darkens around me- Strange friends all surround me New ideas in my head start to burn “

@ Amanda Fry Art

You can be surrounded by friends or family and still feel completely alone like no one really knows you and you don't know them.

On the outside everything looks ok but inside your just wrestling with your own thoughts and demons that are all consuming. Somehow Third Eye Blind has a way of expressing my feelings even when I don't know what I'm feeling myself.

The songs are like a best friend that knows you better than you know yourself. You can listen to the music over and over and it never gets old and each time it resonates with another part of your soul.