Face Down Their Demons

Everyone’s got to face down their demons / Maybe today / You could put the past away

Medium used: Acrylic mixed media

Length of time it took: 3 hours on and off

What inspired you to do this? I was inspired by the dark thoughts that lurk in the deepest corners of our minds.

What do we see in this art work? I wanted to illustrate something dark and ugly that comes from something we all must inevitably do in life, face down your demons. The girl in the painting does not want to face her demons because maybe she’s not quite ready to let go of whatever it is in her life that is negative due to fear. In my case, this lyric struck a cord with my relationship. Darkness, evil, and all of our demons we preventing us from moving forward to any real happiness. From the day we decided we need to really put all these negative thoughts and insecurities in our past, our relationship changed for the better and only made us stronger.