If it showed up, could you own it? Could you?

The Third Eye Blind fan base is a passionate one.

As fans, we are passionate about the the songs and the members. We incorporate them into our daily lives. Whether we are traveling to a show, spinning that same song for the hundredth time this week, or simply relating a lyric to some point in our life, we carry the band with us.

The reason for this is that Third Eye Blind's music has power; It speaks to us. We use it to heal. We use it to build up ourselves and our peers. We use it to carry on through darkness and to burst forth into light. It is inspirational on so many fronts. Because of this, many of our fans are inspired to do more than just take the music in. They use it as a creative force and bring their own style of beauty into the world as a result. We have seen 3eb ink, custom tees and jewelry, original songs by bands formed of loyal fans, and so much more come to fruition. Here, we have a music video. 

“Queen of Daydreams” is from Third Eye Blind's most recent EP, We Are Drugs. It's a catchy tune with a Cure-esque UK vibe. It's light and lovely and many fans' newest favorite. The unofficial video for Queen of Daydreams shown here was created by expert Stephen J. Coia after a meet up with a dear friend he met through their love of all things Third Eye Blind. Living on opposite coasts, this was their first time meeting in person and is one of so many 3eb examples showing the "gathering power of music." After a trip half-way across the country and home again, Coia was inspired to create this video for his friend. Using stock footage from various sources, he channeled the inspiration he had to create this music video which in turn inspired those of us at 3eb Lifestyle to share it with all of you. 

Regarding the making of this video, Coia says, "Friendship cannot be measured by distance. It has no unit of measurement."

How's that for some 

Mad. Blind. Love. 


Unofficial video I made for "Queen of Daydreams" by Third Eye Blind off their EP We Are Drugs. Created with Adobe Premiere Pro. All video clips used are royalty free stock footage used from Videvo, Pexels, & Pixabay. Music used is the sole property of Third Eye Blind.