Interview: Alex Gadway

Alex's choice for a non-date meal and conversation partner is not who you think!

Find out what living a Third Eye Blind lifestyle means to her. 

Lisa Murphy: Third Eye Blind fans are all ages and some are brand new and some have been there since day one. How long have you been "in the blind?"

Alex Gadway: I’m an OG fan.

LM: What's your favorite Third Eye Blind album? And why?

AG: Self-Titled Album. I think music lovers can agree that emotions, memories and music are inextricably linked. This album was released during my formative years, and so the connection between these tunes and my memories is strongest.

LM : If you got to have a sit down (non-date) meal and conversation with any member of the band, who would you choose?

AG: Baby Bruce. Hands down.

Sam Foley

Sam Foley

LM: What’s your favorite line of the Mission Statement and why?

AG: "LOUD AS FUCK". THE FUTURE IS INCLUSIVE. We will not be silenced for that.


LM: Do you or have you created any Third Eye Blind inspired art or writing?

AG: My eternal muse is audio + visual. I like creating visuals that, paired with music, transcend anything either element could convey alone. I create some trippy, abstract Rorschach shite! I've created Third Eye Blind experimental videos and illustrations.



LM: What are your favorite lyrics and why?

AG: "the sky was gold / it was rose"  I love finding serendipitous connections. Did you know these lyrics from Wolf Alice's "The Wonderwhy"?  "my love is rose / my love is cool"

LM: Is there one particular 3eb concert that stands out to you from all the others? Why?

AG: Fall 2016. Portland, ME. The show was right on the water at the Maine State Pier. I got to visit my friend from college.  I made new friends at the show. Third Eye Blind mashed up LAWY and Mine, by Kween Bey. We got pizza post-show. It was truly sensational.

LM: What does living a “3EB Lifestyle” mean to you?

AG:  Being a Third Eye Blind fan. Being kind to our brothers and sisters. Showing up. Standing up. Being compassionate and courageous. I've only ever had positive experiences at Third Eye Blind shows and with my fellow concert goers. I think that says a lot.

LM: If you could only listen to one song by Third Eye Blind for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

AG: Never Let You Go - it's on my "Cream of da Crop" playlist.

AG: I don't have Facebook or Twitter, but here's my Instagram and my website!