Interview: Alexis Andrews

Like a lot of fans, Lexi found comfort in the band's songs and Stephan's lyrics. She'll be seeing the boys when they hit the road this fall. So let's keep our fingers crossed Lexi gets to hear "Forget Myself" and "Water Landing". 

What's your favorite Third Eye Blind album? :

Alexis Andrews: Out of The Vein

Tell me about your first 3EB show. What was it like?

AA: My first Third Eye Blind show was on June 12, 2015. It was at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut! I remember the moment when all the lights went dark and then Stephan was illuminated with his hood drawn up around his head. The music had already started and I couldn't do anything but stare in awe with the biggest smile on my face. It was a surreal feeling. I never thought I would have had the opportunity to see 3EB live, but little did I know that was the first of many shows I would be attending! It was amazing to look around and see people of all ages screaming the lyrics and sharing the same love I felt (and still do!) for the band. Usually, I am a reserved and quiet person, but that night I had my hands up in the air, sang my heart out, and truly took in every moment.

Courtesy: Alexis Andrews

How many performances have you been to?

AA: I have been to 6 shows in total and very excited to make it 8 this fall! Providence and Hampton Beach, I am coming for you. 

Courtesy Alexis Andrews

What are your favorite lyrics and why?

AA: This question is very hard to answer! So I am going to go with one that I can apply to myself right now.

"I've never been so alone and I've never been so alive."

Recently ending a long-term relationship, I've had to do some serious soul searching to find pieces of myself that I had lost over time. I had to learn how to love myself again. Anyways, I've always loved Motorcycle Drive By, who doesn't? But those lyrics speak to me on a whole new level now that one chapter in my life is closing, while another one is opening. For me, that quote is like clarity. Not too long ago, I had done some traveling to begin the healing process and when I listened to that song and heard those lyrics, I felt at peace almost instantly. I looked at them very differently than I had before. Yes, I am alone, I have experienced pain, but I am alive and there is so much more to life that is constantly waiting to be discovered. It is time to move forward.

You’re trapped in an elevator for 1 hour with Stephan Jenkins and he offers to play you two songs… what would they be?

AA: He would have no choice but to serenade me with “Forget Myself” and then sing it a second time to make up for all the times he hasn't sang it live. Just kidding, kinda. Song number two would be “Water Landing.”

Courtesy: Alexis Andrews

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016 was awarded to Bob Dylan "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” He was the first musician honored. A lot of Third Eye Blind fans love the music in large part because of Stephan’s lyrics. Why do you think that is? What special qualities are in Stephan’s lyrics that make them more like poetry than those of the average songwriter?

AA: I think us fans love the lyrics so much because we can relate. There is a song out there that can be applied to every situation in our lives. And the amazing thing is, one song can mean one thing to me, but then to someone else it can mean something completely different. But the end product is the same, we both connected to that song/lyric on an emotional level. I feel like poetry is open for interpretation. Just like his lyrics. And with poetry, its not always written so that the meaning is obvious. It leaves you to think outside the box, to form your own thoughts and feelings. And I mean, some lyrics are just so pure and beautiful that no explanation is needed as to why we love them. Thanks Stephan, we appreciate you.