Interview: Brooke Fluegge

Learn what Third Eye Blind lyric holds a special place in Brooke's heart and how it connects her to two of the most important people in her life...

Lifestyle: Please tell us about yourself. Where do you live? What type of job do you do? What are your hobbies? What are your interests? Tell us about your family, children?

Brooke: My name is Brooke Fluegge and I live in upstate NY, the Troy area to be exact. I’m 25! Not married (I have a kick ass bf tho) with no children just our pit bull fur baby, Gus! I have a Fine Arts degree and also a bachelors degree in Arts Management. I work in Bridal as a Invitation Designer full time and part time I work as a Style Consultant selling bridal gowns. My interests include jamming to music, all types of outside activities, painting, dancing, drinking with friends in the sunshine, laughing at great dorky jokes, and basically anything that makes me feel alive.

Lifestyle: How long have you been a fan of Third Eye Blind? What is it about the band makes you a fan?

Brooke: I have been a Third Eye Blind fan since I was 13 years old. What caught my interest was their use of lyrics. I love storytelling. I really feel that 3EB utilizes sound and language to create relatable songs by telling about an experience.

Lifestyle: What does living a “3EBLifestyle” mean to you?

Brooke: Living a 3EBLifestyle to me means to not be afraid of expression. I feel like their songs are so forgiving and relatable to all the “misfits” and I truly feel like I am myself when listening to them.

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind album?

Brooke: My favorite album is definitely "Out Of Vein".


Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind song? Why?

Brooke: My favorite all time song is “Forget Myself” because that storyline really resembles my personality and my own actions and thoughts with life.

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind lyric? Why?

Brooke: My favorite Third Eye Blind lyric... hmm that one is extremely hard because I love bits and pieces of all their songs! I would have to probably go with “deeper than bones” from the song “I Want You.” My sister, my mother and I have that lyric line as a tattoo on our rib cage. We started saying to each other a while back- “I love you, deeper than bones” and so it kinda stuck with how much we expressed our love for each other. A larger than this life type of love.

Lifestyle: Tell us about your first Third Eye Blind concert. Describe in detail what this concert experience was like for you.

Brooke: I will forever remember my first Third Eye Blind concert. I was 14 in 8th grade and my mother took me and my best friend Juliana to “Tulip Fest” which is an outside concert festival in Albany, NY that happens every May. I remember wearing my new black Vans and I begged my mother to take us early so we could push our way to the front. We tried to get there as early as possible but we got stuck behind a group of older people (probably looking back they were my age, mid 20-30s?). At the time I thought that was so old and I didn’t understand that I was soooo young. I just loved the music and felt like it spoke to me and my age. My best friend Juliana is really shy but I felt this overwhelming power when the band started to play and I ended up pulling her shoulder out of her socket from dragging her behind me as I pushed my way to the front bar. I was literally leaning so hard on that guard rail screaming the lyrics of “Deep Inside Of You”  (probably not totally understanding the lyrics at the time lol). I ended up with a bruised rib cage and hip bones. I kept grabbing to get closer to Stephan Jenkins , Brad and the whole band. I wanted to literally be on stage with them. I loved the loud bass and the way Stephan would go off track and talk about life lessons and metaphors. I was memorized. I remember the sweat and the faces of everyone around me screaming the lyrics that made them feel so alive. After the show ended my mother was looking for us. I didn’t have a cellphone yet so she physically had to look for me. She ended up finding us still right up front near the guard rail. I didn’t want to leave. My mother persuaded me to leave by saying she’d look when the next tour date around us was. That was the beginning of me forming my love for the band that helped me with growing into the young adult I am now.

Lifestyle: How many concerts have you attended? Which concert was the most memorable for you and why?

Brooke: I have been to 17 concerts but the one that sticks out the most would be last years concert at Saratoga Performing Arts Center. My mother got me and my sister pit seats for my June birthday. It was another completely amazing performance and at the end we got backstage passes. I made a jean jacket vest and ironed on “Forget Myself” on the back. I was wearing it and loved that I was going backstage to show it to Stephan and the band. it. A lot of other girls got backstage passes so it was crowded in the back and while everyone was running up to Stephan I told my sister to let him breathe and for him to come to us. Which he did after a few minutes and we chatted for a bit. He asked us if we wanted coconut water haha and it literally felt like I knew him forever. It was a short convo but it’s something I will forever brag about and treasure lol. It was amazing.

Lifestyle: What is the farthest you have traveled to see the band perform? Tell us about this experience.

Brooke: The furthest I’ve traveled to see 3EB was almost 7 hours. It was along the East Coast, so it was really scenic. I’m looking to travel across states to see them in Cali or somewhere soon.

Courtesy Brooke Fluegge

Courtesy Brooke Fluegge

Lifestyle: Have you ever had an interaction with the band? In person? Through social media (Twitter, Instagram)?  Please tell us about it.

Brooke: Besides meeting them for a short period of time backstage last year, I’ve tagged myself in multiple posts.  I had connection with the Governors Ball (govballnyc) Instagram when they were giving away free tickets. I posted so much about it that the Insta handler messaged me and said “Good luck in the running” lol.  I was pumped but didn’t win the tickets.

Lifestyle: If you were able to sit down and have a conversation with Stephan what would you talk about? What would you like him to know about you?

Brooke: If I could sit with Stephan one on one I would ask what is his process of creating. Does he listen to other music or does he do something special before creating a song or writing a lyric? I would want to ask, if he could go back to the beginning and see his young self, would he have anything to say about how far the band and his music have come? Does he like how far they have come? Does he feel like the same misfit kid at heart still to this day when he plays certain songs?

Lifestyle: If you could have a non-date meal with a member of the band who would it be? What would you talk about?

Brooke: If I could have a non date meal it would be with Brad to ask why has he stuck with Stephan for this long lol! Go Brad!

Lifestyle: Do you have any special talents? Artist? Performer? Musician? Please tell us what you do. Have you created anything 3EB related?

Brooke: With two art degrees, a lot of my work revolves around creating pieces that have skeletons or figures. I really like the human body. I work with oil paint and I almost always have 3EB playing in the background when creating. I also am a dancer of 22 years. Visual arts are my thing for sure.

Lifestyle: Do you have any 3EB inspired ink?

Brooke: My 3EB ink is “Deeper than bones” on my left rib cage. My mother and sister have the same one.

Courtesy Brooke Fluegge

Courtesy Brooke Fluegge

Lifestyle: Do you have or plan to get any 3EB inspired ink? If so please share what inspired your choice. If you are planning on future ink, what are you going to get and why?

Brooke: I don’t think I will get another 3EB tattoo just because the one I have now is my only tattoo and holds a very special place in my heart for my mother and sister.

Lifestyle: What life event/s has Third Eye Blind music helped you through?

Brooke: Third Eye Blind music has helped me with creating artwork and also with the healing of a break up.

Lifestyle: Fans have established many friendships through Third Eye Blind and their music. Describe how this is true for you.

Brooke: I’ve met so many great people at Third Eye Blind concerts! It’s wild to see how everyone is there for solely one thing and that one thing brings everyone together! I usually get the people next to me Instagram names and connect that way.

Lifestyle: Stephan and the band love animals. Stephan recently rescued a gray Pit named Bruce. Please tell us about your fur babies.

Brooke: I was pumped when Stephan got Bruce! I have a brown and white Pit named Gus! He is literally my whole world and he turns 1 this August!

"Gus"-Courtesy Brooke Fluegge

Courtesy Brooke Fluegge

Courtesy Brooke Fluegge

Lifestyle: What other types of music do you listen to besides Third Eye Blind? What other bands or performers do you follow closely?

Brooke: Third Eye Blind is my top band. Everyone who knows me knows that but I have a very cultured music taste. I like a lot of different genres. I love anything from Eric Church to Marshall Tucker Band to A Day to Remember to JLo lol! I follow Kings of Leon very closely too. I’ve also seen them a few times live.

Lifestyle: If you were asked to create a setlist for one of their concerts, what would you choose and why?  

Brooke: Omg if I could create a set list... THAT WOULD BE A DREAM! Lol I would for sure start with...

  1. Forget Myself because that first intro is literally heart throbbing!

  2. Thanks A Lot

  3. The Background

  4. Crystal Baller

  5. Can’t Get Away

  6. Shipboard Cook

  7. Palm Reader

  8. Narcolepsy

  9. Semi-Charmed Life

  10. Everything is Easy