Interview: Carly DuHain

Third Eye Blind fans are all ages and some are brand new and some have been there since day one. How long have you been "in the blind?”

CARLY DUHAIN: It was 1997. I was walking, chain-smoking at the time, kicking rocks around on the pavement with worn Doc Martens as I made my way to Tower Records on Broadway in Sacramento. I'd just heard Losing A Whole Year and it resonated so beautifully, and it was payday, so I walked in, snagged their first album and popped that bad boy into my DiscMan and was forever changed. I'd been in love with music for a long time, but Third Eye Blind was more than just music. It GOT me.

Courtesy: Carly DuHain

If the band offered to let you perform with them, what instrument would you want to play? What songs would you want to sing?

CD: Wounded. Right off the bat, Wounded. I'd love to sing the song I connect with deepest on Blue. I survived a seven year long abusive relationship and I was absolutely scarred. Wounded was like a meditative practice for me - I got more powerful and fell more in love with myself with each listen. God, that'd be a dream come true.

Others I can sing in my sleep are: Water Landing (OH MY SOUL, THOSE LYRICS), Something In You, Narcolepsy, Shipboard Cook...

What’s your home town? Next time Third Eye Blind is in town, what should they see and why would they like it?

CD: Sacramento, California! 3EB is coming in November, and though they're busy, there are some incredibly rad things to see/do. Old Ironsides is one of our oldest bars and plays host to some of the best bands Sac has to offer (self shameless promotion, including mine, Drop Dead Red). Gonzo is rad conversation and won't hesitate to match your shot. [Gonzo runs the Old Ironsides Bar and books the bands that come through. He's the best to just sit and chat up with. And maybe a drink.] We're the Farm To Fork Capitol now, and the edible fare is ridiculously good, catering to all types of diets and lifestyles. My rad band has an amazing studio we took over from Papa Roach (thanks dudes!!) and it's got a wicked fun live room. We sit around with visiting/touring musicians, screw around with sound, fire pit, relax. It's the life.

Courtesy: Carly DuHain

Have you had a major point in your life that 3eb has helped you through it and how?

CD: The Self-Titled album, Blue, Out Of The Vein, Ursa Major AND Dopamine all came out after significant breakups and cross-country moves for me. It's been incredible to have their new music available right when I need it most. One example in particular: I'd just moved back from Baltimore and the devastating coda that ended that relationship. I took six months off, emptied my savings, recorded a solo album and traveled. Went anywhere and everywhere, but mostly to and through the Pacific Northwest. I took six albums with me; Blue and Out Of the Vein were among them. One of the most healing moments was sitting on the beach letting the ocean lap at my feet and listening to Slow Motion as the stars came out. It was GLORIOUS.

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What is your favorite interaction with the band? Why?

CD: My drummer and I lost our shit when we found out Third Eye Blind was playing an intimate "secret show" at Bottom Of The Hill (SOMA, San Francisco) a few years ago. We got our tickets and COULD NOT WAIT. A day or two before the show, I had a horrific flare up with my Lupus and Fibromyalgia. The pain was so intense that I didn't think I could go. I tweeted something to Stephan and the band saying I hoped my body would relent so I could make it and Stephan tweeted back with well wishes. It was that perfect boost I needed. Rallied, brought the wheelchair just in case, but didn't need it!! That night I got to meet the whole band, including the "new" fellas. Got my Ursa Major vinyl signed and got to chat everyone up about touring and plans for what became Dopamine. It was phenomenal.

How many performances have you seen or watched approximately?

CD: Only 15, sadly. Remedying that immediately, starting November 15th. 3EB live is a complete sensory experience.

What are your favorite lyrics and why?

CD: Nearly every song has something lyrically that touches me deeply, but some have stuck with me in my heart.

"Oceans, baby" of 1,000 Julys is super special. It's the way it's sung and presented. That lovely little line is going to be tattooed on my right arm next week.

The ENTIRETY of Water Landing. That song speaks to me sooooooo magnificently: "Put on your life vest only if told to do so / Well I'm telling you now / Strap it across your chest / Prepare yourself for impending death / You and me are nose-diving / At the speed of whiplash, life passes by / In an endless plane crash / Muffled I love you through an oxygen mask / On my face, brace, brace / And the cabin erupts with religious conversions / God's sick joke as we lose the engines / Some people scream and some people are gracious / And the reason's the same / Cause the sky outside is so spacious, it's so spacious"

CUE THE GOOSEBUMPS AND THE BLEARY EYES. You FEEL that moment because he's so delicately placed this poetic imagery. You can't help but find yourself inside of that cramped cabin, with your heart fluttering, wondering if this is the last moment of your life.

Motorcycle Drive By is an opus in its entirety. I can't pick one lyric that outshines another there.

Courtesy of Carly DuHain

In 2016, Third Eye Blind played an event during the Republican National Convention. He gave a speech and said about Jumper, “To love this song is to take into your heart the message and to actually have the feeling to arrive and move forward and not live your life in fear [not] imposing that fear on other people.” How did that make you feel hearing him say those words?"

CD: It's an amazing affirmation and a reminder of your personal power and effervescence. I am a bisexual person and that has had some impact on my life. Recently I had a "fan" state that they would no longer support my music because I was queer. I was more than happy to bid that person adieu, because they have no place in my heart of hearts. I have had amazing friends in my life BE the voice of those lyrics when I felt like the Jumper, and to acknowledge my fears and move forward from them and harness my gifts and soul - THAT is the real victory.