Spotlight: Casey London

It has been an absolute treasure for Lifestyle to be part of Third Eye Blind and their community.

Stephan Jenkins has inspired and touched many lives. There has been an outpour with social media from fans all over the globe. The photography they share and captions that profess their dedication and adoration for Stephan and his band is definitely something we wanted to showcase within our cyberspace here.

For quite some time now, I have had my newsfeed on Instagram give me the option to “hashtag” #thirdeyeblind and topics of interest. That is when I came across a profile of a young lady who captured my attention for more than the 1 minute that IG gives you. Her profile was bold, artsy and full of ink, vinyl and… yes… Third Eye Blind. That puts her on my list of fabulous people to follow.

Editorial Note: Liseli Thiele

Ladies and Gents & Rockstars…

Meet Casey London.

Lifestyle: Hello Casey London

Casey London: Hello Lifestyle. I’m 28 years old and I live in Maine with my fiancé, his two kids, and our beautiful cats. Third Eye Blind first touched my soul a little over 15 years ago and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since.

Casey London.jpg

Lifestyle: How often do you listen to Third Eye Blind?

CL: Daily

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Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind song?: 

CL: Motorcycle Drive By

Lifestyle: Why?: 

CL: I’ve always loved everything from the self titled album but that song has always resonated with me. The whole song is perfect from start to finish and feels poetic. It feels like Stephan is painting a picture for you of a romance with this girl and you can watch it play out like a movie in your mind.

Photography  Christine

Photography Christine

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind lyric?: 

CL: “I’ve never been so alone and I’ve never been so alive.”

Lifestyle: Why?: 

CL: The feeling of being alone but feeling alive hits so close to home. I left a bad marriage a few years back and finally fully understood the meaning of those words. I was alone for the first time in years, but I felt so free at the same time.

Lifestyle: Let us chat about Motorcycle Drive By. For this we ask that you visualize a scene for this song. Close your eyes and mediate on the song lyrics. Ok. Open your eyes and write about what you visualized?

CL: For some reason, rather than a motorcycle, I picture Stephan and a love interest on a Vespa, somewhere in Europe.


Her wearing his helmet, him with hair blowing in the wind. He’s smoking a cigarette. They pull over to watch the sunset and she talks about how she doesn’t fit in this world and he tells her he doesn’t believe that.

James Childress

James Childress

In that moment, though she smiles back to him, he realizes that she’ll never truly return his feelings for her. But he also finds comfort in how free and happy he feels with her in this very moment.

Lifestyle: Do you have A 3eb Tattoo?: 

CL: Yes

image3 (1).jpeg

Lifestyle: Tell us about your ink?

CL: So far, I only have one 3EB tattoo. I have lyrics from Motorcycle Drive By in typewriter font on my arm. I have a Stephan portrait planned out actually, but I haven’t quite figured the placement out yet. But best believe it will include a top hat.

LIFESTYLE: What is your inspiration when photographing your vinyl?

CL: You know, it’s a very fun thing to be both a vinyl collector and a Third Eye Blind fan, because most of their vinyls are a work of art visually, not just lyrically. This is one of my favorite examples. The splatter effect on this is just absolutely stunning. I was inspired to showcase just how beautiful and random the details of this vinyl are.


Lifestyle: Tell us about your history with the band, How long have you been a fan of Third Eye Blind??

CL: 20 plus years. I very clearly remember hearing all the hits on the radio growing up: Semi Charmed Life, Jumper, Never Let You Go. I always loved those songs. Then in middle school a friend introduced me to Slow Motion. I was absolutely blown away. I ended up asking for the self titled CD for Easter and I played the absolute hell out of it. Cut to 2010 when I saw them live for the first time and sobbed the whole time. They’ve been my favorite band for as long as I can remember.

Lifestyle: This particular photograph features a Vinyl from Third Eye Blind. We would love to know the location, your thoughts when taken, about your caption, your audience interactions.


CL: I was so excited to snag this album, as it was almost impossible to track down at one point. Funny story, my fiancé (then boyfriend) was secretly trying to find this record for me when I sent him an excited screenshot one day that they had restocked it (finally) on the 3EB merch site. A couple days later, the album showed up in the mail. I asked my fiancé how he got it so quickly since they had just restocked like two days prior. Turns out, a week before the restock, he purchased the album from another site and paid almost double what the band was charging. But here we are, I finally had the album I love dearly. This photo was taken on my junky old record player, in my bedroom, in the middle of nowhere in Maine.

Lifestyle: What type of record player do you own?

CL: A crumby Victrola suitcase record player that my ex-best friend bought me years ago.


Lifestyle: How do you live a 3EB Lifestyle?

CL: I never shut up about the band. I’ve never considered my love for them to be a “guilty pleasure”, I’ve given the same answer for over a decade when people ask me what my favorite band is. And most importantly, the only CDs I bring on long drives with me are the entire 3EB discography.

Lifestyle: How has the music of Third Eye Blind impacted your life?

CL: Honestly, loving this band has given me a sense of community. I just saw the Summer Gods tour a couple of weeks ago, and a group of strangers felt like a family. All of us belting out the words to every hit, every deep track.

Lifestyle: Do you have any special rituals when listening to Third Eye Blind?

CL: Lights off, Christmas lights that are strewn around my room turned on.

Lifestyle: How many shows have you been too?

CL: Only two, sadly. We don’t get a lot of cool concerts in Maine.

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Lifestyle: How was your show experience this summer?

CL: Unbelievable. We went to the Portland, Maine show. My boyfriend proposed during Motorcycle Drive By. It was an unforgettable moment.


Lifestyle: Do you have a special message that you would like to share with the band or the community?

CL: Please never ever stop making such beautiful music.

Lifestyle: If you were to meet Stephan Jenkins for a Q&A What would be the 5 questions you would ask him?


1. What are you feeling while you’re on stage? You have such a Freddy Mercury-esque stage presence.

2. What has kept you in this band for so many years?

3. Are there any older songs that you hate playing but do it anyways because you know the fans want to hear them?

4. What is Motorcycle Drive By really about?

5. What’s YOUR favorite 3EB song?

Lifestyle: Thank you Casey for giving us all this incredible insight. It would be great to have you back to share about how Third Eye Blind is the soundtrack to our lives, a series we are pulling together based on stories that match the words of the magic man. And before you get that ink, let us know so we can share that excitement with you. Congrats on your engagement and MADBLINDLOVE Always.

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