Interview: CeCe Lee

CeCe Lee

3EB fans are all ages and some are brand new and some have been there since day one. How long have you been "in the blind?

CeCe Lee: I’m proud to say since SCL was released to the universe!

What are your favorite lyrics and why?

CC: ‘Careening Through the Universe’.  These four words have stayed with me from the beginning and literally forever because I have them tattooed across my left shoulder.   They have represented the last 20 years of what it’s been like being me I guess. Being an introvert and in my head a lot, I’ve never really been able to openly express what I’ve needed or wanted, especially growing up or during toxic relationships. It has just always felt like I’ve been out of control, hurtling throughout this thing called life. These words just make sense when nothing else did.  I find comfort in them.

CeCe Lee

CeCe Lee

How many performances have you seen or watched approximately?

CC: I have been to five 3EB shows. 3EB have only been to Australia twice to play so I had to travel to see them during the SummerGods tour!…

  • 1997, Brisbane, Australia, Roxy Arena

  • 2011, Brisbane, Australia, Soundwave Festival;

  • 2017, Los Angeles, California, The Greek Theatre;

  • Las Vegas, Nevada, The Joint @ Hard Rock;

  • Berkeley, California, The Greek Theatre.

I did ask Brad in Vegas when are they coming back to Oz… Brad: ‘It’s such a long way’… Me: ‘Umm, yea I know.’ I flew so many coasts just to see you, haha!  

If the band offered to let you perform with them, what part would you want to play?

CC: What songs would you want to sing? I am still kicking myself for not going up when Brad asked the sound check crowd in Los Angeles at The Greek last year to sing Narcolepsy with the boys whilst Stephan was busy back stage doing an interview!!! Oh man, I wish I had that once in a lifetime moment back!  And there it goes, my last chance…

What is the greatest thing that being a fan has brought into your life?  

CC: I have had my little sis by my side at every show and on this 3EB journey with me from the very beginning.  Our shared love for the music and lyrics have bonded us deeper then bones and blood!

What is your favorite interaction with the band? Why?

CC: Sis and I met Brad and Stephan in Las Vegas last year, July 2017.  SJ also actually did the coolest thing and gave us not one but two shout-outs at the front-row shows in Vegas and in Berkeley.  BH and SJ were so very generous with their time and hugs and had a good ol’ chat about everything and nothing, I remember Vegemite was mentioned at one point!  I scored not one but three autographs each from them; my album, my custom made 3EB dress and my ‘careening’ shoulder, which I had immediately tattooed at Hart & Huntington tattoo shop right inside the Vegas Hard Rock!! I did ask them both for permission to get inked, so all good and zero regrets! After God of Wine in Vegas, SJ also gave me a dark pink gerbera, and Alex LeCav gave sis his guitar pick! We told them that we were going to Berkeley as well and that’s where SJ saw our Aussie flag in the crowd and pointed out to us during ‘Never Let You Go’!  There is actual photo and video evidence of both these events, so seriously go check it, check it!! We are very blessed to have such special moments frozen in time that we will cherish forever!!

If you could help choose 5 songs to put on a set list, which ones would you choose? Why?  

CC: These are simply on the soundtrack to my life and will seriously be my dirge songs!

  1. Motorcycle Drive-By

  2. Back to Zero

  3. Bonfire

  4. Dopamine

  5. God of Wine

If you could only listen to one song by Third Eye Blind for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?  

CC: Back to Zero.  This isn’t the longest song and I think that adds to its perfection.  I have written about this song for Lifestyle before and I’ll reiterate that it literally resets me every time I hear it. Whatever I’m going through and if things just aren’t working out ‘I’m gonna leave no doubt’ and I’ll just let it go.”