Interview: Coral Lopez

Third Eye Blind music helps her through everyday life.

A fan since the beginning, Coral Lopez lives the Third Eye Blind Lifestyle... 

Courtesy Coral Lopez

Courtesy Coral Lopez

Lifestyle: Please tell us about yourself. Where do you live? What type of job do you do? What are your hobbies? What are your interests? Tell us about your family, children?

Coral Lopez: I live in Northern Nevada, originally from So. Cal.  Married for 13 years and have a 9-year old son.  I am employed as a Controller and CPA.  We love to go camping and attending concerts!

Lifestyle: How long have you been a fan of Third Eye Blind? What is it about the band makes you a fan?

Coral: I’ve been a fan of 3EB since 1996.  I have loved every single album…there is just something with the music that has always drawn me in!

Lifestyle: What does living a “3EBLifestyle” mean to you?

Coral: To me it means loving life, being a good person and standing up for what’s right!

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind album?

Coral: I think my favorite changes with each new album. Currently I’m listening to Dopamine.

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind song? Why?

Coral: My all-time favorite is God of Wine. I just really love the lyrics that they use.  But my current favorite is Back to Zero. The music and beat is awesome on that

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind lyric? Why?


"Every glamorous sunrise
 Throws the planets out of line
 A star sign out of whack
 A fraudulent zodiac
 And the God of Wine
 is crouched down in my room
 You let me down, I said it
 Now I'm going down
 And you're not even around"

I think I love that lyric b/c it’s someone who is in despair and frustrated and about to spiral out of control…..

Lifestyle: Tell us about your first Third Eye Blind concert. Describe in detail what this concert experience was like for you.

Coral: My first 3EB show was at UC Riverside, way back in 1997 (I think).  Smashmouth opened up for them. I t was open seating and I remember making my way up to the front of the stage and loving every minute of it!

Lifestyle: How many concerts have you attended? Which concert was the most memorable for you and why?

Coral:  UC Riverside, Pantages, House of Blues- Anaheim, Greek Theater, Montbleu Casino,  (Tahoe), Harvey’s Outdoor Amphitheater (Tahoe), and Grand Sierra Resort. Probably the House of Blues was most memorable b/c again I made my way to the front of the stage and I love being that close to my favorite band and just feeling all the music!!  Also, that night they had a special meet and greet if we bought “Out of the Vein”…of course I already had the CD, but I bought another one to go and have the band sign it! #worthit

Courtesy Coral Lopez

Courtesy Coral Lopez

Lifestyle: What is the farthest you have traveled to see the band perform? Tell us about this experience.

Coral: Fortunately,  I haven’t had to travel that far. Reno is about 45 minutes away, so that would probably be the farthest.  I would travel to the bay area though to see them perform in San Francisco. 

Lifestyle: Have you ever had an interaction with the band? In person? Through social media (Twitter, Instagram)?  Please tell us about it.

Coral: I think I’ve had Brad like a tweet, but that’s pretty much it!  I try to reach out Instagram but I haven’t had too much luck!

Lifestyle: If you were able to sit down and have a conversation with Stephan what would you talk about? What would you like him to know about you?

Coral: I would probably talk about what’s next for the band, how is their music changing, what they wish they would have done differently, and If they have any regrets. I would probably just want him to know that their music has just brought so much joy into my life. I just enjoy it so much! 

Lifestyle: If you could have a non-date meal with a member of the band who would it be? What would you talk about?

Coral: Non-date meal would be Stephan Jenkins for sure!  I’ve had my crush since 1996! I would just try to have normal conversation. Ask him about favorite travels, exciting road stories, what his career in music has meant to him. 

Courtesy Coral Lopez

Courtesy Coral Lopez

Lifestyle: What life event/s has Third Eye Blind music helped you through?

Coral: Just everyday life! This is my fave road trip music!  And I’ve roped my husband in to loving 3EB to, so he has attended almost all of those concerts with me!

Lifestyle: Fans have established many friendships through Third Eye Blind and their music. Describe how this is true for you.

Coral: That really isn’t applicable to me, but I do love that I see all generations at their shows. It makes me wonder how the band is reaching that new younger age.  I do know Stephan is very active on Twitter and that’s probably how he relates to different generations of fans. 

Lifestyle: Stephan and the band love animals. Stephan recently rescued a gray Pit named Bruce. Please tell us about your fur babies.

Coral: We have a 13 year old Bassett Hound named Cleveland!  He’s slowing down for sure, but still as stinky and cute as ever!

Lifestyle: What other types of music do you listen to besides Third Eye Blind? What other bands or performers do you follow closely?

Coral: I also really like The Fray.

Lifestyle: If you were asked to create a setlist for one of their concerts, what would you choose and why?


  1. Graduate

  2. God of Wine

  3. Deep Inside of You

  4. Crystal Baller

  5. Something In You

  6. Back To Zero

  7. Jumper

  8. Hows It Going To Be

  9. Motorcycle Drive By

  10. Blinded

  11. Wounded

  12. Danger

  13. Bonfire

  14. About To Break