Interview: Courtnee Cogdill

This interview with Courtnee by Nichole Sams is the perfect way to start your weekend. I feel like joining them in a glass of wine and having a “Girls’ Night In” and talk all things Third Eye Blind, hot Australian chicks and the best places to get the boys jacked on coffee in Wichita, Kansas. And much, much more.

Nichole Sams: What is it about Third Eye Blind that makes you such a fan?

Courtney Cogdill: I honestly don't remember a time where I wasn't a fan. I've been a fan since the beginning, but my serious fandom began in 2013. I was front row for a show & I had never felt anything like it. Stephan has such a presence and way of making you feel like you belong. The boys are genuine and kind to their fans. As far as the music itself, I can't think of a voice more unique than Stephan's. I recognize it immediately. Adding Kopp on keys has given the band such depth, and there are twenty songs I could count as my "favorite," depending on what I'm going through.

Courtesy: Courtney Cogdill

Nichole Sams: You’re trapped in an elevator for 1 hour with Stephan Jenkins and he offers to play you two songs… what would they be?

Courtney Cogdill: I have been thinking about this question for a day and I'm still not happy with my answer! I think first would be "I Want You". It's just such a perfect song, and I get chills from the second it starts. I'm going with "Deep Inside of You" for the second one. That song got played on repeat when I was 22, and it still brings up some powerful feelings for me. 

Courtesy: Courtney Cogdill

Nichole Sams:What’s your home town? Next time Third Eye Blind is in town, what should they see and why would they like it?

Courtney Cogdill: (3EB CAME ON THE RADIO WHILE I'M WORKING ON THIS--THAT IS PRETTYYYYY CRAZY) I'm from Wichita, Kansas. We're the biggest city in Kansas, but that's still not saying much (lol). We're big enough to be a city but still 15 minutes from the farm at any given time. We do have a pretty impressive local music scene & I'd probably take them to one of our famous coffee shops (Espresso to Go Go or Reverie Roasters). 

Courtesy: Courtney Cogdill

Nichole Sams: I see you're a Butler Grizzly. What are you studying?

Courtney Cogdill: Well, that's a funny story. Haha. I was going to school to be a court reporter. I got about 75% through the program (typing 180 words per minute, I had to get to 225), and the school dropped the program. So I was left with no other programs within a 500 mile radius of me. So instead, I've been working at a veterinary clinic for the last 7 years. I love working with animals, so it has been perfect for me.

Nichole Sams: I know Stephan's a Bowie fan (Watching them do a Bowie Set at the Wiltern 2016 BLEW MY MIND), a little birdie told me you are, too. Show us your Bowie tattoo and why you love him. Awh dang! Confession time: I'm a Bowie fan by association

Courtney Cogdill: The tattoo you saw was actually my boyfriends. He loves Bowie the way we love Stephan--haha! I really have learned to appreciate everything Bowie has done for music. He didn't start out as my cup of tea, but he's grown on me. 

Courtesy: Courtney Cogdill

Courtesy: Courtney Cogdill

Nichole Sams: Are you a Netflix binge watcher? What should the band be watching on the tour bus on the Fall of the Summer Gods Tour?

Courtney Cogdill: I LOVE binge watching, but I have such a hard time getting into a series! I'll watch 5 episodes of a show and then never watch it again. The last show that caught my attention was "Wentworth". It's like Orange is the New Black, but it's set in Australia and it's MUCH more hardcore. Who doesn't love a good prison drama? Especially with hot Australian chicks. The boys would love it. Lol.

Nichole Sams: You get 1 Band Member + 1 Dead celebrity + You, together, for a brain trust to solve 1 world problem. Who are they, what do you guys solve, and what’s part of the secret solution?

Courtney Cogdill: This is such a good question. And I've thought really hard about it! I wanted a good, serious answer. But that's not going to happen. Instead, my mission is for Kopp & Michael Jackson. And our mission is to bring back funky music from the 80's. Because I MISS that kind of music! 

Courtesy: Courtney Cogdill

Nichole Sams: Final Question: If you found a magic Third Eye Blind Lamp, and a semi-charmed genie popped out, and you could make three Third Eye Blind related wishes, what would they be?

Courtney Cogdill: Front row at every concert without having to camp all day. 2) Kopp featured on more songs. 3) All travel expenses paid to shows across the country so I could meet all my friends.